Muffin Tin Pinchusion

When I was in California, I visited The Country Loft.  It was a WONDERFUL shop.  I went out of my usual comfort zone and bought a couple doll patterns and a pinchusion pattern.
Here is my new little pinchusion….it’s made with wool scraps and a little metal muffin tin.  I really love it.  It was quick and easy to make.  I bought mine as a kit.  It was a fun quick easy evening project. 

When I was there I met Joanne Mullaly from the book Wool Crazy.  I believe she is the pinchusion designer too.  Many people in blogland are raving about Wool Crazy.  She also designs MANY of the dolls in the shop.  I LOVED the dolls and broke down and bought two of her doll patterns.  She was a real treasure and SUPER helpful.  You can check out Simple Pleasures to see more about Joanne and the quilt shop. 

I have decided that something that really attracts me to quilt shops is the awesome customer service….in this world of fast paced busy people, customer service has died.  THANKFULLY, quilt shops, haven’t gone in that direction.

I am also thankful that The Country Loft isn’t closer to my house….my checkbook couldn’t handle the stress of it!

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