Ms Pins is on FIRE…Amazon Store and MORE!!

Um…I think we created a monster….a good one but a force, that’s for sure.  Remember me saying last week that Kayla was starting a business called Ms. Pins Media?

Ms. Pins Media

Well she went immediately into action.

Not only has she helped Mary at Country Threads blog, she’s helped several of you…or will be soon.  I know she’s been booking clients.

She initially thought she’d mostly work on starting new blogs for people but she’s finding she’s doing a lot of “refreshing” blogs, she’s helping people add advertising to existing blogs, she’s setting up emails, she’s making logos….she’s doing pretty much anything people ask for or request for their social media.

Well she is using me as her guinea pig.  I don’t mind a bit.  She’s given my blog a new look which I love and many of you seem to like too.  But…she has me scrambling behind the scenes.  She wants to get more experience doing all of the things that she thinks potential clients might want her to be able to do.  For example she thinks a client might want her to help with setting up an Amazon store….so she asked me to set up an Amazon store.  Ummm, sure.  So she set the store all up for me then taught me how to load things into the store and now, (this guinea pig) me, has an Amazon store.

I’m THRILLED.   I now have an Amazon store.  I would have never taken the time to do that for myself.  I just get so frustrated with doing stuff like that and I hate wasting time trying to figure it out.  I’m also so unsure of myself when it comes to learning new things on the technology front.  Kayla was perfect for me….and now I have an Amazon store.  I’ve been wanting one for over a year now but never took the time to figure it out…in the end, it really wasn’t hard either (with Kayla’s help).

You can find the Amazon link if you hit the “Jo Recommends” tab at the top or at the right side bar near the top…I’m so excited.

So many of you have asked for an easier place for you to find all the books I’ve been reading….well now you have it.  They are there.  At first Kayla said how about you just put your top ten books there…um, WHAT??  Who has top ten?  I have a top 200 or so!!  So now the book section is loaded with my current top 100 ish that I could think of.  I’ll be adding more books to it as I go.  I decided if I rate the book 4.4 or higher, I’ll add it to the Amazon store.  If it has a lower rating, I won’t add it.  How does that sound?

Did I tell you how excited I am??  I really am.

For those of you who don’t know, if you purchase anything through the Amazon link, I get a small commission off of whatever you order.  You don’t pay any more money for the product….Amazon just rewards me for bringing you to their site.  It’s much the same as any link I’ve had on the blog all along.

I’m thanking you in advance for your purchases…I really appreciate it.  The money helps keep the blog up and running.  I’ve said before that there are fees to blogging…your purchases help pay them.  THANKS!!

Now she can add setting up Amazon affiliates and store to her list of things she can proficiently do!!  Being a guinea pig isn’t all that bad!!

The other thing Kayla has me doing is this….
Pattern writing.

She thinks some of her clients are going to want instant downloads for patterns…so again, she wants me to be her guinea pig.  She is going to set up a store for me to sell instant download quilt patterns.  WOW…again, I never thought this would happen.

She has had me writing patterns and photographing quilts that Kelli and I have done.  On Friday the hope is to reveal a new downloadable pattern store.  Oh my.  Again, this is somewhere I never imagined my blog would go..but I’m excited about it.  I love that she’s doing all the work and all I am doing is taking a few pictures and writing a pattern.  I can handle that.

I have no idea how to do store making or making the patterns downloadable…I have no desire to learn how to do this.  UGH…I’m a chicken when it comes to technology!!  Without Kayla, this would not be happening…She’s been doing a lot of hand holding and reminding me to take a deep breath talks.  I have complete faith in her and ZERO in myself so it’s a pretty good balance.

So…come check the blog out of Friday.  We hope to have two patterns up.  Fingers crossed that can happen.  Some more hand holding and deep breath talks are sure to need to happen before then but I think we (not we-SHE) can do it.

This is super exciting for me.  So many of you have asked for patterns of some of the quilts we’ve sent out to magazines.  Well we have a window of time that the quilts need to stay with the the magazine but after that, we can write our own directions and offer them to you.  We’ll be doing that with a few quilts but will also be offering new quilt patterns for you to download down the road.  OH MY!  (another deep breath)

This has been lots of fun but also a HUGE whirlwind for me.  Kayla is kind of on a crunch schedule.  School will be back (in some form) in August.  Kayla will be back to work then and can only take on a couple clients a week.  Now, she can work lots so we’re trying to get done what we can.

If you are looking for some blog or social media type help, feel free to contact Kayla HERE.  If you do, then maybe I could have some time to sew….she’s had me pretty busy trying all of these things.  I’m actually excited about it…but a little nervous.  I don’t know what else she’ll have me doing before long.  It’s all good though…it’s things I’ve wanted done but was too chicken to ever try.  Come back Friday and see if it all worked!!

19 thoughts on “Ms Pins is on FIRE…Amazon Store and MORE!!”

  1. Jo, the things Kayla and you are doing with your blog are great. Would you considering having a heading for movies and TV shows you recommend? Thanks.

  2. How exciting for you and Kayla!!! I understand your apprehension about all things computer related!!! Luckily I have my hubby for that! Much luck to Kayla’s new side hustle!

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you all have your own blogs.
    I live in Europe and every morning when I get up I always read your blog first thing when I turn on my computer.
    Please put a buy me a coffee button on your blog.
    I would love to buy you one once in a while as well as your daughters.
    I can’t imagine how much work and effort you put into always keeping us up to date on everything.

  4. Stearns Carol

    For all you do Jo, you deserve to make money from your blog! And I’m so glad about the patterns!

  5. This is pretty exciting for you! And it will help bring in a little bit of money which always helps!
    Love and prayers

  6. Congrats on the updates. You will do well with all the changes. I wish, though, that you would point out that blogs don’t HAVE to cost. Then maybe more folks would be inspired to start their own. The “blogosphere” is a great way to meet kindred spirits and to make “virtual” friends.

    1. You are right Libby…many blogs don’t cost. It all depends on the amount of visitors you get…if you don’t have as many visitors, you don’t pay…if you have more visitors, you pay.

  7. Your blog is looking great! I am excited that you have an amazon store and soon will have downloadable patterns. Kayla is doing a great job!

  8. .How exciting! You girls have been busy. I’m with you, Jo, the techno side is not my forte. Thank goodness Kayla has it all figured out. You go girl! I’m looking forward to what comes next. Love your new header.

  9. Peggy Barcelona

    I tried Jo Recommends tab and it says “amazon refuses to connect” Did I do something wrong or is there a glitch?

  10. Wishing Kayla the best with her new business adventure. I just wanted to say that I have become used to being able to download and print a quilt pattern. It’s very rare that I’ll buy a paper pattern and wait for it to be mailed to me, so I think that Kayla is spot on in her thoughts about being able to download patterns. Exciting times for you guys!

  11. When one door closes (childcare) another opens (online pattern downloads). Excited for your new adventure, Jo.

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