Moving the Grain Bins

A month or so ago, I gave you a little farm update.  The guys were demolishing some of the grain bins to make way for the new updated system that will be put in place this summer.  Well Saturday phase two went into place moving two grain bins to the neighbor’s farm.

This is the photo of how it looked a month ago while they were removing the first bins.  Those bins were so small.  They just demolished those.

Phase Two:  They took the two bins towards the front and put the bins on skids.  They hooked the skids to the tractor and dragged the skid with the bin attached across the field.

We had some power lines that were a little low so one of the guys climbed to the top of the bin and lifted the lines so the bin could pass underneath.


They did this at 6am to avoid the traffic on our road.  In the distance to the left you can see the farm the bin is traveling to.


Once they crossed the road they went up the field drive.

Here the skid had a little trouble.  Hubby, following in skid loader, lifted the skid so the bin could keep moving.  Then they continued to pull the bin across the field.

I jumped into the truck and drove tot he neighbor’s so I could snap a few more pictures.  Here is the tractor with the bin attached coming up the road.


Here they are turning into the driveway of the bin’s new home.


Then it was time to go back home and get the second bin.


I couldn’t believe that the whole process took only 50 minutes.  It took a lot of time to get the bins lifted and the skids under them but the actual moving only took 50 minutes.

Now here is how the bin system looks now with the bins removed.

Phase Three will start soon including a new HUGE bin, a wet holding area and new grain leg.  There is lots of work to be done here this summer.

5 thoughts on “Moving the Grain Bins”

  1. That looks like alot of work. I would have been a nervous wreck watching anyone lifting power lines out of the way. You are much stronger than I for sure.

  2. Lots of excitement at your place. A couple of years ago a family moved their entire house from a nearby community to our community. It was quite the production and probably half the town showed up just to watch a house being driven down the road. It is amazing that something so big and permanent looking can be moved like that.

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