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Moving Day

Today was suppose to be the day that Kalissa moves out….but her landlord let her move in a couple days earlier making my beginning on the week just a bit more busy.

She’s off to the local community college to become a nurse.  Remember there was so much hoopla for her deciding if she wanted to be an paramedic or nurse.  Well..the nurse option won.

Pictured with her are her new room mate Brenna and her best neighbor girl buddy and friend Regan.  She has most of her things out of here.  She is required to come back home and finish sweeping out and cleaning the rest of her room.  It’s close but not close enough for me.

She called and explained to me how expensive groceries are…(oh really?!?!)

I am expecting a few more calls..but not that many.  She has a good head on her shoulders if she wants to use it.

So for me, how am I doing??  It hasn’t hit me yet.  I think it’s all the house planning and deadline sewing keeping me distracted.  You can bet at some point it’s going to hit me.

5 thoughts on “Moving Day”

  1. Once life slows down just a bit for you and things around the home are too quiet for several days it will hit you. I noticed each time one of mine moved out, especially the girls. (the boys don’t spend that much time in the house with me anyway)

  2. Just wait until she calls you up and explains to you how expensive her textbooks are! As a nursing student, they are sure to be costly. I visited with my youngest daughter a week ago and we tried to buy her books for Fall. One set of two economics books will cost nearly $425! For ONE class! She decided to look online instead. I got off easy paying only $200 for books for three other classes.

  3. When our youngest daughter moved into her first apartment, she sent out a Christmas card to family and friends with a newsy note included remarking on the fact that “she couldn’t believe they charge for water.” Nursing is such a wonderful profession … good for her!

  4. ALL this excitement, and scary too. too many changes. Life will go on, and like you said she has a good head on her shoulders. Even my 35yr/old calls and c/o about the cost of things…. mostly raising her OWN DD LOL life, it is what it is.

  5. We just moved our youngest back to school this week. She is living in a brand new apartment-style dorm and will be cooking for herself for the first time. We shopped for basics before the move and have her on a strict grocery budget. A TV news crew was doing a story about the new building. If they had interviewed me I probably would have ranted about how I have been moving kids in and out of dorms ( and paying tuition!) since 1997 and am so glad it’s about to end. By the way, one of our older girls is named Regan — not a name you hear often.

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