Movie Review: Secret Life of Pets II

Some friends of mine stopped by and after visiting asked me if I’d like to go to the movies with them.  I asked what was playing and they said, “The Secret Life of Pets II”.  It’s not a movie that was on my “bucket list” but it was a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing.  I’m learning that I love my family and childcare families dearly but some interaction with others is definitely appreciated….best is “safe” people that I don’t have to explain EVERYTHING to.  My friends who came fit that category perfectly.

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We have a little theater in a neighboring town, Sumner Iowa that has 99 cent movies.  The movies aren’t typically there when they are first released but if we’re patient they come in a month or so like this one did.  The concession stand is about as reasonably priced as we get for a movie theater.

If I have an itch to go to a movie, here is always the very first place I look to see what is showing.

So about the movie…CUTE.  Very cute.

If you have a kiddo in your life, this is a great movie to take them to.  The story is age old…someone needs to be rescued and someone does the rescuing.  There is someone “bad” and the good guys triumph.  We all love those stories don’t we??

I will admit to having to wipe a tear away when this was said, “You never know what life is going to throw at you. And you have two choices, run from it, or run at it. It’s a big day, and from this point on, nothing is going to be the same. But I’m going to be brave. And I’m going to help Liam be brave, because he’s my kid, and I want him to see the world. The big scary incredible world.”

I’ve had some of the very same feeling as of late…making a decision to be brave.  I think the character in the movie is right.  We, as people, have to decide to brave…it’s not always something that comes natural to us.  So I wiped my tear and went on with the movie and concentrated on the friends I went to the movie with.

If you get a chance, give the show a watch.  It’s fun and super cute and filled with lots of quotes that might go over the kids’ heads but mean something to you…king of like the “brave” quote did for me.  Isn’t that great about kids’ movies nowadays..there is something for everyone in them.  This one is no exception.

A big thanks to Kelli and Sophie for taking me.  You are the best company!!  I’ve thought a million times, if I could adopt you, I sure would!!

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  1. Diannia McDonald

    I just took my “littles” to the Thursday afternoon matinee. They are 7, 6, and 5. They laughed so hard and kept saying “I love this movie. Can we buy it?” When I asked them who/what was their favorite part, Parker said when the cow farted! I missed that completely. We shared blue slushees and on the way home shared a selfie with their Grandma showing our blue tongues. Didn’t know I would enjoy it so much. I will try to make this a weekly or bi-weekly outing either.

  2. Sounds like my kind of movie even though I don’t have any littles close enough to take. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. Everyone needs to get out and about. It’s good for the soul.

    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. Lynne Nicholson UK

    That quote is brilliant for all situations as we all have things to be brave about

    Three years ago I was waiting for an appointment at the hospital which would change my perception of life (I nearly said it had changed my life but those changes were and had been happening already)

    My appointment finally happened (end of September 2016) and I learned my sight could no longer benefit from new prescription specs… that I was going blind & it was my own immune system doing the damage (it had already rampaging about for five years destroying my platelets and had decided to up its game)

    I’m legally blind. My eyes are continuing to deteriorate. And yes I have to choose to be brave just to walk to the local shops at the other end of the road which involves crossing just one road.

    I’ve found ways to continue sewing, and to stay as independent as I can.

    However Jo I’m in awe of you and how you are choosing to focus your grief. Remember to be kind to yourself if you slip off the tightrope you are on… and if you have a crying jag (I’ve had many after losing family members and still grieve the first loss I knew back in 1974 when my grandad died though it is mostly happy memories now) give yourself permission to cry. Then wash your face and get on again

  4. Donna Pheneger

    Thanks for the review. My grands saw the first one and enjoyed it. My dd will be glad to know the second is just as good.
    Happy you had a good time out with friends.
    Love and prayers

  5. I love movies too! Specifically going out to the movies! Sitting in a dark movie theatre, eating movie popcorn, all my troubles/worries melt away for a couple of hours. Check out “Yesterday” if you have a chance. It’s light, fun, & great music. A real pick-me-up. You’ll like it.

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