Mother’s Day

I’m not big on Mother’s Day.  I know…I’m a party poop-er.  I am so practical and don’t like my kids making a big deal of it.  In all reality, Mother’s Day is another commercial holiday made up so one, we can honor our mothers but TWO…a way for retailers to make money.  I tell my kids all the time…DO NOT DO ANYTHING FOR ME FOR MOTHER’S DAY!

It means so much more to me if the kids help me do something around the house when they are home…pick up something for me if they are out thrifting (yep, all five of our kiddos like thrifting)…or call me and keep me up to date on their life.  Spontaneous things for no reason is what I love best of all….I love “just thinking of you things” that happen on any other day of the year except Mother’s Day.

I hate “obligation” gifts.  I hate the thought of the kids trying to think of something to get me.  I hate when they go together to get something for me and one of the kids doesn’t pay….

I also don’t like how hard it is for others on the other side of the day wishing they were a mother and can’t be…mom’s who lost their children before their time and even ones who are pregnant and wish they weren’t…  There are all sorts of women out there who Mother’s Day is hard for.

Sorry..I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s Mother’s Day…I’m telling you how I see the day.

Anyway…Kalissa surprised with something that was perfect for me this weekend.

I had gone to Decorah and was doing errands.  I had called Kalissa before I left wondering if she needed anything.  Kalissa is great at picking things up for me when she is in town so I return the favor if I can.  I ended up needing to go to her house before I could go to town.  While there, Kalissa and Craig were telling me all about their plans for the day.  There is a privacy fence between their house and the neighbor house.  It needed some attention and Craig was hoping to power wash it and then start the long task of resealing it.

We parted ways..Craig going to get the power going to do the errands.  Kalissa ended up calling me a couple times while I was in town, adding to her list of things she wanted me to get.  It took me so long in town.  That’s what happens when I can’t get my thrifting obsession in check…I have to stop at all of the thrift stores!!

Anyway…I finally got done in town, drove back to Waucoma and stopped at Kalissa’s to drop her things off.  This is what I immediately saw….mom-1

Kalissa had taken the power washer and “cleaned” “I (heart) MOM” into her fence that she was suppose to be power washing….silly girl.  I sure do love her though.


That’s my kind of Mother’s Day!  Thoughtful and sincere, cost free and simple.  Thanks Kalissa!!

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. That is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever!!!!! Since my mom passed away, Mother’s Day is hard for me. I try to use the day to appreciate what a wonderful mom she was and how blessed I was to have her!

  2. Nothing can surpass the wonderful relationship your kids have with you. You have a daily “Mother’s Day” because you are in their thoughts. You and your family are quite an inspiration in our overfull media world.

    I have three blogs that I love to read from family quilters. One is in Japan, one in England and yours.

  3. You are not alone in your thoughts on Mother’s Day. My mother did not care for Mother’s Day because she felt that many so people contributed to raising her kids she did not want all the accolades that should be shared. I agree with her!!! There is a role for everyone, not just the mothers and for that matter the fathers.

  4. Love this post. I sorta feel the same way. My son is on his own and serving in the Navy. I know a mother’s job is never done, but it’s different now that he’s out of the house and on his own. He’s very good about sending me a note, almost every day. He asked a couple of weeks ago what I might like for Mother’s Day. The fact the he remembered, and was planning ahead of time just made my day. I just told him I’d like Dr Pepper Jelly Belly’s!

  5. Renea Yarolim

    Thanks for comfiming how I feel about the gift thing. I do not want my kids spending money or time fretting over what they have to buy. I love the spontaneous phone calls or texts. I enjoyed my day doing errands and setting up a sewing machine outside on our deck and sewing quilt blocks together. And made a simple supper for my mom. Mothers Day is hard since 11 yrs ago we found out our oldest son had a brain tumor full of cancer and left us 6 weeks later on Fathers Day. So yes all holidays are hard

  6. What a cool fence idea! it made me smile and I think a lot of us ‘mothers’ feel the same way you do about the holiday. My husband and I took a walk around a lake and just enjoyed being outside. Both kids called and we got caught us, it is enough that they remembered.

  7. Many years ago my in-laws told us they didn’t want us to give them any gifts any more. I was greatly offended. It took me a number of years to figure out why. Gift giving (and receiving) is one of my love languages. I LOVE to think of gifts and give them to people and I do like receiving them, too. I am touched by the thought that goes into the process. Gifts is just one way I like to show my love. My husband supports me when I find something I want to buy for the grandchildren, occasion or not.

    1. I know it is one of the love languages. If you the read between the lines of my post you might notice that my love languages are primarily time and gifts of service. I know everyone isn’t the same….Thankfully everyone in our family is on the same page and none of us are into giving or receiving gifts. Gift giving is something I totally struggle with….TOTALLY.

  8. You sound like our daughter. She doesn’t want gifts. This year her family gave her all day Sunday free from doing any chores on their acreage. They have goats and she milks 12 of them (by hand). She said that was the best gift ever!

  9. I agree and since my birthday is close to Mother’s Day I don’t expect anything more than a card and a phone call. I do like it when I get a present anyhow – my husband brought home roses on Friday.

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