Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day.  It’s not a “big” day in our family…just another day.  I’m one of those that would prefer the kids not get me anything and instead on an odd day help me do something.  I prefer gifts of service way over boughten gifts.

I hate that we commercialize motherhood.  As some of us get gifts from our kids and visits there are so many others that this day is a hard day.  I can’t help think of my niece Jody’s kids who are spending their first Mother’s Day without a mom.

I have two great nieces who have lost children to SIDS.

I have a friend who couldn’t have kids but now is fostering puppies.

I have a niece who couldn’t have kids and adopted.

I have another niece who adopted kids anyway.

I have nieces mothering step children.

I have a neighbor who is raising her brother’s child.

I have Lora who has taken Scotty into her life.

I have a son and and son in laws who are the caregivers while moms are at work.

I have friends who lost babies to miscarriages.

I have a brother and his wife who are raising their grandson.

I have teacher friends who treat the students like their own children.

I know of neighbors who care for neighbor kids.

I know mothers who are estranged from their children.

I know many mothers loving their children but struggling through the effects  consequences of covid.

I know of want to be mothers struggling with infertility.

All of us fortunate people who haven’t struggled with mothering or mother issues in the way many have, let’s take time to today to honor those in situations like I listed above.  I think they need acknowledgement, love and compassion more than the so many of us who have mothered in the traditional ways.  Hats off to all of you.  I see you, recognize and salute you.  Please take time in your day to reach out to someone might need a little extra acknowledgment today.

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  1. Donna L Russell

    I am sitting here with a broken heart. My 44 year old son had a massive stroke two weeks ago. Yesterday I signed paperwork to take him off life support, and donate his organs so other mothers and wives could have a great and joyous mother’s day. All the testing is complete, and the social worker has made her final call so it’s only a matter of time. But my heart is breaking.

    1. Oh Donna. My heart goes out to you. What an amazing gift you and your son are passing on. I can’t imagine your pain. A prayer is going up for you and your family.

  2. Excellent take on Mother’s Day. It’s good for some and sad for others. In this time of stress and worry about covid-19 many were alone. May the good Lord bless us all.

  3. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh Donna – prayers for you and your whole family. So sad to hear this. Thanks Jo for wise words – I have enjoyed lots of video calls today from my kids. Donna – one of my children is 40 I can’t imagine your sorrow. Thanks for the giving of life to others.

  4. All true but the history behind Mother’s Day is a wonderful inspiring story. Imagine living in those times, burying 9 of your 13 children to poor sanitation? I had a horrible, terribly abusive Mother but a wonderful Grandmother so take things in stride and just remember those women who we love.

  5. Bless you Donna for doing so much good even through the heartbreak. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Oh Donna – my heart is sad over your news, may you feel the love and prayers of all of us as you deal with a difficult choice and give so generously to others. You are not alone, we are here.
    My mothers day is always quiet and simple, which I appreciate. Our our two kids call and my husband usually grills. We managed a 2 mile walk and we stopped to help a elderly friend pick up sticks in his yard from the storms the past week. Happy Moms day to all of those who mother and give love.

  7. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Oh, Donna, I am so sorry. I hope Jo relays the messages to you. Knowing his organs will live for someone else is a blessing.

  8. My heart is breaking for you Donna. I also keep you in my prayers.

    This is my second year of not having my son for Mother’s Day because he is deployed with the Navy. It’s a hard day for me, but nothing compared to what some mothers are facing.

  9. Prayers to Donna and all her family…strength and peace and God be with you. Our children are of the same ages and I’m proud of you coming to this decision, but I can’t imagine the pain.
    Jo, glad you are finding adult conversation and exercise at the same time. Healthy and makes you feel great! Take care. I too have the “Civil War” quilt, done and it does look nice on our queen bed. But never again doing a BOM!

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Jo you are right it is a loving hard day for some. Bittersweet is the best discription. Anyone who has taken the loving task of raising someone else’s child is a mother. To mother is a verb as well as a noun. Donna you have made a hard choice. May The Lord Jesus comfort you while you wait.

  11. And there are also the moms that have borne children but have had to give them up for adoption – never knowing where they are, hoping and praying that they have a far better life than what she could have given them.
    Donna, thank you for sharing your pain – know that you are in my prayers. Thinking too of the mothers that may be crying tears of joy because a loved one now has a chance to “live” again – with your son’s heart, or lungs…

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