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Kelli had seen a project on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try.  She lamented that it was too hard to do one her own and hinted that I could help her.  Well a family friend volunteered to help but didn’t know what she would do with her little girl as it was a messy project.  I quickly volunteered to take care of Bria if Andrea was willing to help Kelli.  So…here they are.


The project requires blowing up a balloon and covering it with Vaseline.  Then dipping string into a water, glue, cornstarch mixture.  From there the balloon gets wrapped with the string.


After the string dries the balloon gets popped leaving an oval of string.  Then she has to spray them with clear spray.  She’s planning to hang them for decor.

Kelli was quite a mess by the time they were done.


All I can say…I got the better end of the deal watching Bria as I just fed her a bottle and she went to sleep so I started making some of the food that we need for the weekend.  I have baked beans and meatballs in the refrigerator for the rehearsal dinner.  I have garbage can mix ready for the reception.

After Andrea and Bria left we worked on the program and ate supper.  Just as she was ready to leave her soon to be Mother in Law called and said that there was a problem with the tuxes.  Kelli ordered black but the tuxes are light gray….It was evening when we figured this all out.  Hopefully we’ll know more about it today.

4 thoughts on “More Wedding Decor”

  1. Believe it or not, we did this when I was in third grade! Uh…1958! We used varigated thread. That thing held up for years. I think it finally got smashed on the Christmas ornament box about 30 years later. So, hang on to them when the wedding is over!

  2. I remember doing this to make an Easter Basket for my son when he was little except I thought I used suger in it also.
    I did an ovel shape with blue thread and made a base out of cardboard.
    Then cut a hole out in the front, filled it with easter grass and all the stuff.
    The cut edges were covered with ribbon and he used it for quite a few years.

  3. I am behind in reading your blog but have to say that I did this with cub scouts almost 30 years ago. We used small balloons and I only remember using Elmer’s glue. Wonder if Kelli”s mixture is any better. We spray painted them and we still have ours on our Christmas tree each year. What a great memory. I agree, you should hold on to them is possible to use again.

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