More UFO Progress

Sunday I pulled out two UFOs to see if I could make some progress on them.  Yesterday I told you about “Hand Me Downs”.  Now I am going to tell you about “Cactus Patch”.  “Cactus Patch” is also in Bonnie Hunter’s book, Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green”.

I had the stringed pieced portion of these blocks done, but that’s all.

Three different times I have bought solid print fabrics for half square triangles in the blocks.  Each time, I have ended up using the fabrics for something else.  Sunday I decided enough was enough.  I wasn’t going to buy fabric for it again.  I was going to dig and manipulate until I could make what I have work.

I found enough to finish the blocks.  A couple of the colors are not my deep dark desired colors but they are good and right now, good is good.  I don’t have lots of different colored blue shirts for sashing so the next debate is going to be about the fabric for the sashing and borders.  I am think I am going to patrol the thrift stores for shirts to see if I can come up with something before I get the blocks finished.   I do have some of the blue plaid fabric shown but is only two yards worth and the fabric is only 36″ wide….not enough to finish the quilt.

I am bound and determined to not let this UFO get lost again….so I cut the half square triangles, I cut the setting stones for the blocks…I even found the gold….now I just need to continue hunting for blue shirts….

6 thoughts on “More UFO Progress”

  1. Laurel from NW Iowa

    I won’t even count the pastic shoebox tubs I have UFOs in. But wait, if they were never started except for choosing the pattern and fabric, do they count as UFOs??? :D

  2. Jo, If you are looking for blue plaid shirts, I think I have one in the closet that was “too nice to give to the thrift store”. I’ll send it to you if you’d like.

  3. Betty M. from Ohio

    Jo, You are probably the most generous, down-to-earth person I met. You may not desire much in materializm but you and your husband will leave a precious legacy in the great family you brought up with love, caring, responsibility,. ethics, and values. Do not discount that. Those are the wonderful attributes no monetary value can be placed on them. God bless you and yor family and thank you for all your daily wisdom that you share with all of your readers.

  4. Awesome! I keep looking at my overflowing bag of shirts-and-fabric-cut-from-shirts, and dreaming about the stuff I’ll do with it all. I need to get cutting and sewing … and I need to finish up my THREE shirt-quilts that are already in progress!

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