More Quilts….

I’ve had a demand from blog readers to try to sell our quilts here on the blog before I let them go on a the garage sale.  I’m going with the suggestion….I’ll list a few each day and we’ll see if they sell.

Up this time around are our two quilts that were featured in Quiltmaker magazine.

The two quilts are each 64″ square.

You can read about the quilts here and again here.

We are using a formula suggested by a couple blog readers in regards to pricing.  The quilts would be $280 each or if someone wants to keep the pair together they can have $540.

The next quilt up is Ins and Outs.  You can read about it here.  This is a free pattern on our blog.  The quilt is 72 1/2″ x 82 1/2″.

We are asking $350 for it.

Next up is Sneaker Treads.  This was a quilt that was featured in Quilty magazine in March/April 2014.  You can read about it here.

Sneaker Treads Digital Pattern

This quilt is 58 x 65.
Sneaker Treads would be be $280.

Next up is Hootin’ With the Stars.  This was a Moda Bake Shop feature.  You can see it here on Bake Shop and here on the blog.  The quilt is 48″ square.


Just seeing the picture of Gracie makes me a little sad…She was so good with quilts!  She would hate the childcare kids though!!  This quilt was our second quilt that was ever on Moda Bake Shop.  I remember being so nervous about the whole process.  I love this quilt and will likely make it again.  It’s a great size for toddlers or for a lap quilt.

Hootin’ With the Stars would be $150.

Monies from the sales of the quilts is going into an account to cover postage and items needed to continue working on the charity quilt project that we love.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the quilts send me an email.  I likely won’t get to any email until nap time or after childcare hours.  If I get a couple wanting the same quilt I will look at the times each request was sent and pick the first person.  Here is my email address.  Please make sure to list the name of the quilt that you are interested in purchasing.  I will accept personal checks but prefer Paypal if possible.  Shipping will be about $12 with minimal $100 insurance.  If you want more insurance we’ll need to add that on.

Stop back tomorrow.  I’ll see what else I dig up.

3 thoughts on “More Quilts….”

  1. Jo! I’m so proud of you!! it’s actually a lot of work to list quilts for sale. Well, and then there was all the work that went into the quilt to begin with. I think you’ve priced the quilts quite fairly and I imagine they will all be sold within a few days. Good luck with the sales. Also, I hope your garage sale went well and you were able to find new homes for all your treasures. :-)

  2. Perfect post for sale of quilts!!! Well done. I don’t need any quilts, have a few dozen myself. Do think this is a better first route than a garage sale.

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