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It was time to print some more papers for my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I thought I would snap some pictures and tell you how I do it.

I like to print mine on tracing paper.  I can see the lines through the paper and that makes placement of the pieces so much easier.  Remember these blocks are paper pieced.  I just buy the cheap paper from the dollar store.


When I started making these I made a master that I copy from.  If you look the master has Pineapple Crazy blocks on the bottom and it has Wild and Goosey blocks on the bottom.  I’ll admit…I do have some Wild and Goosey  blocks in a UFO pile..not many but yes, I did start some of those.  There is only room for one large block of the paper so rather than waste the rest of the sheet I just put two templates of the Wild and Goosey blocks on the master sheet.

From there I take the tracing paper out of the tablet in chunks.  Mine is cheap so the sticky adhesive keeps the pages together.  I take a scissor and cut about an inch off the long side and then I cut about an inch off the end where the adhesive is.  That makes the paper small enough to fit into the printer.

Then I just print.  It’s not a perfect process.  I typically will have 8 print perfect and then the next time three sheets will feed through.  With a little patience I had 80 printed in no time.  I just rough cut around everything.


I think that should keep me busy for a bit.  While I was working on this and knew where the tracing paper was I decided to make a master template for the side blocks.  It too has Wild and Goosey blocks on it.

I printed 60 of those…I won’t need them for a bit but when I do, I’ll have them.

The way the pattern is designed there is suppose to be red triangles in these blocks.  Right now, I’m starting to do a little debate.  I think I might just put neutral where the red triangles are suppose to go.  I have one border block done with red.  One of these days I’ll make a neutral one and then lets take a vote and you can all chime in with what you like best.

If I ever get these Pineapple Crazy blocks done I just might have to start sewing on the Wild and Goosey.  Thankfully they will go MUCH faster!!

So now I have more papers…no excuses for me not to get my seven blocks done this week!

6 thoughts on “More Papers”

  1. Trudie Konijn-Dirkson

    Hi Jo. I have an idea: After you’ve made both of the side blocks, take one and put two mirrors on the left and right side of the block. That way it wil look like you’ve sewn an endless row and you can get an idea of how the block will look in a row. Maybe this trick will help you decide which one to choose. The one with the red or the one with the neutral sides. Thanks for your blog, I like really reading it! Bye! Trudie, the Netherlands

  2. thanks for sharing your methods; i am about to embark on a big block pineapple voyage.
    I am enjoying watching yours come together so well….hugs, Julierose

  3. I like to print mine on tear-away stabilizer. It’s a little fussy to get thru the printer but great when you tear the paper from the blocks. I just rotary cut the stabilizer into 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheets. Debbie in WV

  4. I like the idea of cheap tracing paper. I use copy paper and sometimes it doesn’t all tear away. I’m going to give this a try. I wonder if it would go thru a copy machine?

  5. As I recall, the pattern in Bonnie’s book is located near enough to the spine that I didn’t think I’d get an accurate copy if I just tried to xerox it. And I’ve been too lazy to trace it by hand to make a master copy. But it looks like you did Xerox yours. How did you manage? Did you cut the page out of the book?

  6. Thanks JO. I tried to print and had an inky mess. Went to a copy print place and they just laughed at me and said you want to do WHAT ???? ( no a quilter I’m sure) I started to explain and then realized it was easier to say. thank you for your time…..

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