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When Hubby and I have been out and about at the home improvement stores, I keep finding myself wondering back to the kitchen counter section.

Something in my brain just can’t pull things together and make things come together as far as choices go.  Friends of ours say granite-go with granite and you won’t have to replace it.  That’s all good, well, fine and dandy but the cheapo in me is screaming “No-don’t do it”.

The cheapo in me is saying just buy the already in stock counter tops and have Hubby put them in.  We could do that for $200.

Part of me does like the granite idea…but do I want to be lying in bed at night wondering why I spent more on counter tops than on cupboards…nope that’s not me.

Maybe I could just custom order something that’s not granite or quartz or anything wildly expensive..but then how to finish the edging?

Yuck.  Too many decisions and none of them-not a single one clicked in my brain.  I keep thinking you want this to look vintage-you want this to look old fashion.  None of these options are it.

Then last week Hubby and I went to pick up our antique kitchen cupboard that you can see here and stopped eat at the A&W in Spring Valley.  As we sat down Hubby said, “What about that?”  I said, “What about what?”

He said, “The counter tops.  How about we do that for the kitchen counter tops?”

I looked at the table and everything clicked.  Yep.  That’s what we’re doing.  Let me explain….

The counter tops were laminate with the metal edging on them. Something like this…

Hubby went on to explain that this is what his mom had.  For me it’s perfect.  With the antique look that I like it’s about the best I could think of to go with it all.  I know…part of you are thinking I’m crazy.  But in my’s clicking and I’m liking it.

Well next question was do they make it anymore??  After some research online, they do make it and it’s not high priced.  We should be able to do all the counters and the laundry room counter for $400.  We’re checking locally to see if anyone handles it before we order to save shipping but I think it’s what we’re going with.

I went on Lowes website and looked at laminate colors.  I showed a couple to Hubby and he said, “I don’t know why you wouldn’t just go with red.  Mom’s were red.”  Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hadn’t even looked at red.  I didn’t figure he’d like it.  I LOVE RED!!  I adore RED….

So it looks like the current plan is to go with RED laminate counter tops with the metal trim.  I couldn’t be happier….and slowly, this project is finally coming together.

Now about finding a kitchen sink…that still hasn’t happened yet but give it time, something will fall into place with that too.

20 thoughts on “More on the New Kitchen”

  1. really, really cool, that you found something that feels right for you, instead of being forced to go with the perceived ‘have to have it’… good for you!

  2. Glad you found what works for you. Here in Sweden granite is the in-thing to do as well if you are redoing your kitchen. It is nice but it is stone, you would have to be careful of putting plates and warm pots on it plus it costs a fortune and I rather save that money for something else. Looking forward of seeing it all come together

  3. So glad you and Hubby are on the same pagewith this. When we did our kitchen over I went with laminate. That way, if I wanted a change in 5-10 years I could. It’s been 8 and I’m still perfectly happy with them. I have a dark green laminate. Red was never on the list, long or short, but it’s my kitchen, not yours. Enjoy!

  4. Just a thought, Jo — gunk builds up under the edge of the metal over time because most of us tend to wipe the counter toward the front and onto an outstretched hand. However, you can use 409 and a wooden toothpick to clean under it.

  5. One comment about countertops. On my new DREAM Kitchen we used the “granite looking” laminate and I have been quite happy EXCEPT for the fact that my cabinet maker did not extend the edges of the counters far enough. There is not long enough overhang on the sides of the countertop. Does that make any sense?? Make sure your counters go out far enough to place your hand underneath the counter on the edge when wiping down the counters. Mine measure at less than 1 inch – I would recommend AT LEAST 1 1/2 inch overhang. Check out some other counters and make sure you get the measurement you are comfortable with. (As much as you cook I would think you get lots of messy countertops and have lot of cleanups) We choose to spend more money on custom cabinets and less on the countertop and I am quite happy with that choice !!

  6. Bobbie BentNeedle

    Don’t know if ya’ll have “Lumber Liquidators” anywhere close. When we built our kitchen, we managed to get REAL 3″ thick (HEAVY is an understatement) oak butcher block counter tops from them for less than the laminate from the builders’ box stores. I spent hours sanding, then “finishing” with mineral oil… and they are still beautiful 10 years later. I can use the whole counter top as a bread board if I choose too… But I agree that laminate, with that metal edging is perfect for your house!

  7. Great choice! Can’t wait to see it. We have granite, I wanted it so bad, now am sorry, it’s a upkeep, have to rinse and dry after washing it down as it will leave a haze. More work than I thought.

  8. Hi Jo, growing up we had that metal strip on the front of the counter top. It also collected gunk and the metal would rub on your clothes and it was VERY frustrating. It would always wash out, but, of course, it was when I was wearing something nice. Hopefully the metal fronts now are a better quality. Good luck.

  9. When I saw the metal trim, I immediately thought of red – my mom had a dining table and chairs like that (the red pearlized looking material). If I were looking to buy a kitchen sink, I’d LOVE to have a big farm sink, the bigger the better. You’ll find just the right one, just wait!

  10. I think it’s a good choice too. If you change your mind in a few yrs you can always upgrade to something else. I have Coran and I like it. don’t really like the granite stuff.

  11. Good for you! Everyone should follow their heart. We have blue bullnose Corian and we still love it after 15 years. If the next owner hates it, they can change it. I value differences of taste and opinions and wish more of society felt the same way.

  12. I think your choice is perfect! I like that you have the courage not to follow trends and are designing the kitchen that is right for you.

  13. Hey Jo Menard’s in WI carries a laminate that looks like granite. I could hardly tell the difference and they have a few color choices too. You could have your granite and laminate too. Not sure if they have this online or not but I know you occasionally come to WI so it might be something for you to check out.

  14. How exciting!! It is so nice when you find just the right thing. Thank you for sharing your house adventure with us. I hope Ruby is on the mend :)

  15. Jo, you might want to check Sterling Countertops in Denver, IA. They do all kinds of countertops. There is also an Omega outlet store in Denver as well. Some times they carry the butcher block. One of the things not many contractors or building supply stores will tell you is if you want granite countertops, have it checked for radon. Since it is stone, many pieces can have spots that can emit large amounts of radon. I heard about this on a Rachael Ray show and was quite surprised. Hope this information helps you.

  16. OMG, as soon as you said A&W, I knew what you were going to say! It is the perfect touch for your kitchen. I remember my gramma’s kitchen with the metal-edged countertop, only hers were sunshine-yellow. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

  17. I think you folks have made a great selection. It should fit right in with the cabinet you picked up. I also think that a thick piece of butcher block would also fit just fine.

  18. Good for you for waiting until you found something that you loved instead of going with the ‘in’ thing. Some things are just worth the wait. I think its going to be perfect.

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