More on my Bow Ties

Last week when I was packing I found bow tie blocks.  I counted them all up only to find that I was MANY short of what I need.  The quilt needs 729 bow ties and I only have 132.  I left the bow ties out on my cutting board and went back to packing with the hopes of unearthing more of the background fabric that I’ve been using.

I ended up finding some but there was only 3 yards there.  I looked at the pattern in Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders and found that the quilt calls for 4 1/2 yards of fabric for the background.  UGH.  What do I do??  I did have quite a few blocks already made and I did have quite a few that were already cut out.  BUT did the amount that was already cut equal the missing 1 1/2 yards??  I debated….if I started now, I could just grab a couple other fabrics and not have all the backgrounds be the same.  But I really want to just use up this fabric.

I ended up setting the fabric on the cutting table vowing to think about the background problem as the packed.  I finally came to the conclusion that I would use up the fabric I had and see where it gets me.  If I end up short, I’ll just grab a closely matching fabric or hunt for more of this fabric.  I have seen several antique quilts that have a couple blocks that aren’t the exact same prints…so why can’t I do it??  I did however save the selvage edge with all the fabric information on it just in case I change my mind and have to hunt something down.

I left the fabric out on my cutting table and I made plans that if one of the kids called to chat I would cut the background fabric up while we talked…  In a matter of a couple days it was all cut.  Can you believe that 3 yards of fabric cut down into that little box??

Once all the background fabric was cut I pulled a bunch of 2″ strips from my scrap bucket.  Now when the kids call to chat I am cutting the tie part of the block.

I always get asked how I get so much done in a day…this is how.  I plan ahead for moments that I can squeeze a little sewing (or cutting) time in here and there.

I’m not sure when I’ll actually sit down and tackle this project but at least all the supplies are gathered in one place and it’s getting worked on even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes day.

This is going to be a slow on going project but I’m okay with that.  Sometime though the project will grab my attention full force and move to the front burner.

7 thoughts on “More on my Bow Ties”

  1. Maybe it wants to be a different size than Bonnie’s? I would see where it ends up and like you, would decide then. I am doing some six inch stars that way, background would be hard to find if I decide I want it larger…Happy New Year and good luck on the painting!

  2. I’m not making mine Bonnie’s size. 81×81 isn’t my favorite size.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one working on it ;)

  3. Thanks for reminding us that it is always possible to grab a few minutes here and there to work on our quilting projects. It encourages me because if even you with your super busy schedule can squeeze in the time to continue with your project, maybe I can do so too.

  4. Mary Etherington`

    You asked about the Country Threads “look” when you were here and one of the things we NEVER do is use the same background fabric throughout the quilt so I’d say you’re on the right track – pick a few more golds/cheddars that can blend and your quilt will take on a personalized look. Not that your quilts don’t already look great but you asked and this is one of the ways.

  5. So have you counted how many your background will make while cutting those squares? If you are short just make a smaller quilt and add a fun border or two. Use it up, that is what I plan for the New year!

  6. I made a bow tie quilt a few years ago–I felt like I was making for bow tie for days. This was a project which had been in my stash and WIP’s for a long time and it was nice to finally complete it. Don’t give up–yours will be beautiful

  7. Since you have the info on selvage, post the info and maybe one of your faithful readers will have just what you need tucked away in his/her stash. You know there are no other people who areas generous or helpful as Quilters.

    By the way, I gave my daughter two of the quilts I purchased from you for Christmas. She was very happy to get them. Planning to quilt the string quilt and give to her later.

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