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Before I get to today’s post, a blog reader told me that I didn’t have a working link to the donation page for the rescue. I’ll just put a link HERE for anyone who would like to donate towards Tootsie’s vet bill. If you missed the story about Tootsie, you can find it HERE.

I was talking to the Heart Animal Rescue coordinator last week and she said she thinks we have had more dogs so far this year than we had all of last year. CRAZY…but I think it might be close if not true. It’s wonderful and sad all at the same time. It’s great that we are helping dogs, but super sad that we even have to.

Here are the two dogs I told you about earlier in the week. They have been named Rupert and Howie. They are all vetted and in foster care. They are slowly feeling more comfortable in their foster home. They weren’t loved as pets so it might take a bit for them to warm up but they are making good progress already. Thankfully they are young and quick learners.

A client came to the vet clinic where I work and asked if we knew about rehoming dogs. I said I did and pointed her in the direction of the rescue I volunteer with. She bred Yorkies and was going out of business. She ended up surrendering these two. Their vet work was all done and they had approved applications within hours of their posting that they were available. They are such handsome guys.

Some time ago this gal Thistle came to the rescue. She was thought to be pregnant. We didn’t have any fosters available for whelping pups so we found another rescue with a foster available that could help this pregnant momma. Arrangements were being made and then overnight while she was still with HEART, she had two puppies. Oh my.

There was no choice. The family stayed with the coordinator and now the puppies are ready for applications. I met them last week and oh my. They are the cutest. Their mom…not so cute but oh, is she ever sweet and the biggest lover ever. I would adopt the momma in a heartbeat if I were looking for a dog. SO SWEET!! They are taking applications for her pups, Ivy and Charlie. They are so soft and cuddly. I think they are going to be sweet like their momma.

Here is another crazy dog story. The next four pug pups are siblings. They came to the rescue when they were 12 hours (yes hours) old. They had been born via c-section along with four other pups. Four pups would suckle, but the other four wouldn’t. The breeder called the HEART coordinator and she drove and picked the not sucklers up. She stopped at the vet office with an emergency after-hours call to get milk replacer and to learn how to tube feed the pups. Oh my.

So the coordinator has had her hands full and then some. She had Thistle and her two pups…then these four pups. These four were bottle-fed around the clock. I was told that they were fed every three hours….and it would take 45 minutes to feed them. By the time the last one ate, the first would have to be fed just over two hours later. UGH…I thought having one human baby was bad. Thankfully Thistle has been a bit of a help with these four. She’s not nursing them but has been doing some mothering. These guys are four weeks old…all pugs.

Two more dogs came in on Monday…these are pups…first is a mini Australian Shepherd. She is really sweet. When the coordinator brought her to the vet clinic for her vet work, a customer happened to be there and saw her. She came back later and talked to me about the pup. I ended up going in the back and getting the pup and letting them meet. The client went home and planned to talk to her husband about the Aussie. She hoped to be able to put an application in that night. The two of them were immediately sweet on each other so I hope it works out. If so, that will be the fastest adoption ever!! We’ll see.

This big boy pup is a heeler/mountain cur cross. He came at the same time the Aussie did. He was born just after Christmas. He is a real lover too. He got his vet work done yesterday and is headed towards his foster home. He’ll be available soon.

The rescue also has Molly. She is a 15-month-old female Chihuahua/Pomeranian (Pomchi). She was surrendered when he older siblings ended up with health problems and Molly’s energy became too much for them. She’s a nice dog and is doing well in her foster home.

You can see why the need for foster families is so high. With all these pups coming into care, and with so many high-need puppies, it’s hard for small rescues like ours. Thankfully the puppies and dog have been being adopted quickly. That really helps.

So far, that’s the current news from the rescue. If you looking for a pup, as always, check out the HEART Facebook Page to see who is available and go to to fill out an application.

That’s the latest dog and puppy stories…And make sure to read tonight’s post. There is a wonderful story about Bailey on of the dogs I told you about on Monday. It has the happiest story ever!!

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  1. It’s really sad that there are so many pups and dogs having to be rescued. Thank goodness for rescue centres like yours.

  2. I can get to the donate to HEART location. However it will not allow me to do a monthly, auto, preset donation with my visa debet card. Any suggestions would help, pls. I donate monthly to hope for paws, & animal aide, India. It’s not huge but regular is better than not. Thanks for reading this.

  3. Gloria from CC

    You should be so proud of what you do for these rescues. It breaks my heart that there are so many animals not loved and cherished. Heart Animal Rescue is a wonderful organization with so many caring volunteers and foster parents.

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