More Mail Goodies-and a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

I’ve gotten more goodies in the mail…lots more.  Here is just a sampling….


The generosity of our blog readers SO-SO amazes me!!  The box has lots of bonus triangle pieces in it.  THANKS SO MUCH Cathy from East Peoria!!  I can’t find the note with your email address on it to write a thank you…but THANKS!!  I can’t wait to get to those!!

This box came from Jean in Manchester, Iowa.  It was truly a goodie box I’ll always remember!!  I opened the box not knowing what was inside.  I had gotten goodies from Jean before and have always been amazed at the things she sends.  I opened it and found this!!


I lifted out the magazine and thought WOW..awesome quilt.  I saw all the goodies in the bottom of the box.  WONDERFUL Civil War reproductions which are always my personal favorites and the box was loaded with them.  There was a quilt top along with backing and binding.  I didn’t open the top stopping myself to read the note that was enclosed.


Jean writes, “It (the quilt) is for you to decide who shall receive it.  It can be yourself and your new home, or whomever you feel!!  I feel blessed to be able to read your blogs and learn from the things you share, and now I want to pay it forward, so to speak.  I would be very happy if you kept it for yourself, seriously.”

Oh my….I am speechless…honestly.  The quilt is amazing.  The colors are wonderful…it is so precisely sewn and pressed.  Honestly each and every seam is perfect and each ironed in the exact way.  The reverse side is a work of art all on it’s own to see the amazing attention to detail.  Honestly the seam on the back of my quilts go every which way.


WOW..that’s about the only words I can come up with at this point..simply, WOW!!

I know some of you will be wondering-the quilt pattern was featured in Quilt Magazine Dec/Jan 2012 issue.  It’s the quilt on the front cover.

I showed the quilt top to Hubby and to the girls.  All of us have read the note.  The girls keep telling me-I think it’s okay for you to keep it mom-  I just think it’s such a WONDERFUL gift..I don’t know that there is anything I could do to adequately accept it.  Oh- I want to!!

So I think I’ll just take a big HUGE deep breath and say, THANK YOU Jean…THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

16 thoughts on “More Mail Goodies-and a HUGE THANK YOU!!!”

  1. Keep the quilt, Jo. Consider it a house-warming present. Jean did a fantastic job and gave the quilt to someone who will truly appreciate it. I have that issue and this quilt is on my list. Nice to see it done so well.

  2. Some times it is harder to accept a gift from some one else than it is for us to gift someone.
    You are generous with what you give to others now you need to accept this quilt . Unless you want to share it with me of course : )

  3. Nice work, Jean! I love the quilt-civil war fabrics are my favorites too.
    Jean has done what many of us would like to do just pay it forward.
    You do such a great job of sharing,Jo.Your quilting experience, cooking, books, your family and life! And twice every day! Some blogs I enjoy post so sporadically but you can be counted on to share and you’ve become a “friend” to so many. Keep the quilt. I can’t wait to see what you all do with your new house.

  4. JO, You HAVE to keep the quilt! It is a symbol of blogging friendship…and will make a lovely conversation piece in your new home…PLUS it is just TOO beautiful and made with too much love to give away!! It will look wonderful in your home draped on a chair or on a quilt rack…KEEP IT!! Jean would be tickled if you did…(right Jean??)

  5. Keep the quilt, she wanted you to have it or she wouldn’t have sent it to you. It is stunning and will look wonderful in your new home.

  6. I agree with the other bloggers – keep the quilt. I’m sure this is the quilt I made recently. It was called Blazing Stars in the magazine. Everyone that sees it, loves it. The pattern has been published by Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts) and is named Glory Bound. Love it!!!

  7. Keep it! It’s a lovely sentiment from Jean and she knows how much you’ll cherish it. It will look beautiful in your new home.

  8. When I give a quilt, I am always blessed to see how happy I have made the person feel when they received it. I am sure she feels the same. Keep it knowing that you have made her day.

  9. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Jean has an incredible eye for color — that quilt just flows as the eye dances over it. I’d love it if she’d send you a photo of herself, so we can all see the master quiltmaker behind the quilt.

  10. Please keep this quilt. It was meant for you. It’s an acknowledgement of your generosity to others.
    Regards from soggy wet england

  11. What a lovely gift. I have a friend who I met in Paducah 10 years ago. She lives in Switzerland and has sent me two beautiful quilts, one is a pineapple quilt with 6″ blocks and it is almost 100 X 100. Now she has sent me the blocks ready made for me to put together 2 more quilts, one strings and one stars. I never know how to thank her. She says that she just enjoys thinking about my family sitting around opening up the box of goodies (yes, there are other things also, like chocolate) in the boxes. Sounds like Jean is that kind of friend. Just think of it as an early housewarming gift and treasure the friendship.

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