More Mail Call….

I’m still trying to catch up on the mail.  I get a little closer and a couple more packages come in.  I’m not complaining.  I enjoy getting goodies in the mail-my kiddos love goodies.  It’s a bright spot in my day for sure.  I’m just telling it like it is.

This box came from Anna S.  I met Anna when she came to our first Bonnie Hunter retreat.  She was wonderful.

Anna had some cross stitch goodies that she was ready to part with.  It was a large amount.  The box was full and patterns are thin!

I emailed some pictures of the stuff to Kelli.  She was so excited as she was coming the next day.  I know the pattern on the right is one she’s been wanting to get and stitch.  She was so happy.

I picked these two Lizzie Kate patterns right away.  I’ve eyed both of these but they are all part of a season collection.  So now guess what I’ll be doing….I’ll likely be on the hunt for the companion ones.  I am on a spending freeze for cross stitch right now though.  I’ve told myself I have to finish something before I can buy anything.  So…I’ve written these on a list of ones I want.

These were in the box too.  Fun.
I’ve not seen anything like this before.  The center is cross stitch fabric…and the quilt book, I could use a funny.

My favorite of all I think was this big pattern.  It’s a flag and has quilt blocks that make up the flag.  Be still my heart.  Seriously…I love it!  Of all the patterns in the box…(and there were a lot)…this is my fave.  Thanks Anna.

This came from an annoymous blog reader in Pennsylvania.  What a nice gift…envelopes, stickers and notepads for the kiddos..and fat quarters for me.

All of them are gray tones as she remembered I’ve been collecting them.  THANKS!!

This big box full came from Gineen.  Oh…It was wonderful.  I’ve told you all before that I don’t often have pieces that are more than a quarter yard.  These were all half yards or bigger.  What a treat!!

There were all sorts of fun things.

I’ve been collecting 30s prints.  I always wanted to make a quilt with them but never have.  With grand daughters, it just might happen….if I collect enough fabric.  I’ve been on a commitment to not buy fabric full price so we’ll see…I have some in the sewing room but it’s been a long time since I looked to see what I have.  Hmmm.

This gift was given with the hope something might inspire me to get to the sewing machine.  Trust me, I was inspired.  I just have too many other things right now that I need to catch up on.

I used a few of the prints from the photo above before.  Pretty..

These were beaded fabric perfect for making a decorative purse.
More fabric….
and still more.
This one was an unfinished baby quilt.  There is enough fabric to finish it.  I’m on a debate whether to keep it or pass it on.  The fabric are super cute!!

It’s all ocean themed.

So many goodies packed into a box!!

Martha sent me this…
along with check.  I’ll be using the check for postage to get things out to other charity quilters.  That fund was getting low so that will be perfect!!

Those little half square triangles on the right are going to be a quilt someday.  I love starting out with something like that and building it into some blocks.  Those types of quilts have always been my complete favorite.  Thanks for the inspiration Martha.

Blog reader Mary Ann sent this box of goodies….Mary Ann did a big clean out of her crafting things and I was the lucky one who got the goodies.

The ballerina stamps are going to be a hit at childcare!!

Yahoo…check out this.  Calicos and polka dots and fun vehicle fabrics….and lot of RED!!!  (Connie teases me about my obsession with red and now blog readers are supporting it!!)

Oh my word.  So many things!!

You all will have me busy and sorting and dreaming about all the potential these packages hold.  Thanks so much to everyone who thought of me with the great gifts.  I’ve so loved getting all of the cards and gifts.  How blessed I am.

5 thoughts on “More Mail Call….”

  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Looks like there is some quilting in your future. Where do you put it all? I found a bin of fabrics under my guest bed that I had completely forgotten about. Lots of plaids and checks and they immediately went to the church for LWR quilts. I would never use them in a million years. I think they were donated to our church many years ago and I ended up with them. Back to the church they went and I”ll cut them into squares.

  2. Think I saw a bit of a black and grey NYC fabric in one of your piles. I still have some purchased maybe 10 years ago and love it too much to cut. Enjoy!

  3. You will have a lot of fun planning quilts. One day when you want to sit and relax and play with all your goodies, it will be fun. I love fabric and quilt making. Your walls look very nice. It is so nice to have everything fresh and new again. The trim brush is a good idea, putting up that tape takes so long, and then to take it off again. It is a pain.

  4. Patricia Boelens

    You know Jo that if all you get done is ENJOY sorting thru the packages, it will still be a good day! Some days it will be too hot to do much of anything and some days will be too rainy, then before you know it some days will be too cold. Taking a little time to ENJOY sorting packages today is a good thing. Prayers are always with you.

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