More Little Things- Kitchen Version

We are gradually getting more and more things done.  Over the weekend Hubby got lots of small jobs done.  One was hooking up ice to the refrigerator.

I’m so happy.  Although I don’t hate our city water, I do miss the taste of our country water.  Having ice again will make it all just a little better!!

We had carpenters back on Monday morning.  The range hood for our stove never got installed….it is now!

It was really hard not to hold them down and keep them here for another week so we could get even more little jobs finished up but they did assure me that they will be back within the week to do two other kitchen jobs.  We’re suppose to get rain and being the jobs are inside ones, we have to wait until it rains to get them back but I’m okay with that!

I’m in the house and truly, that’s the most important thing.  We are living comfortably and I don’t care about cosmetics.  We’ll get to them as time passes and we’re okay with that!

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