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I say it all the time and it’s completely true.  I have the best most generous blog readers.

I was pet sitting Betsy, our daughter Kalissa’s dog, while Kalissa was finishing up a few things related to her nursing degree.  When Kalissa came to pick her up, I sent Kalissa out to get my mail.  I still had childcare kiddos here and couldn’t pick up the mail myself.

When Kalissa came in with a package she said, “Mom I think you’ve been blog reader blessed”.  Yep.  She was right I was.  You know it’s like Christmas to me whenever I get a package.  I thought maybe it was fabric as I just had a blog reader send me an email wondering if I was interested in some….but it wasn’t.

It was BOOKS!!  Books for my kiddos.  The kids were still here and so happy to have some new books.  It was like Christmas for them too!

What is even neater is that I have two girls here working on learning their colors…and there’s a book about colors there.  We have two new girls that just started this week and we’re working a lot on sharing and taking turns.  Anytime new kids come into the mix we always need to make a new “pecking order”.  They are as bad as chickens..HONEST.  The new books had a couple that were great for the kids talking about sharing.

Also in the mix were two awesome animal board books.  I have never seen the “Planet Earth” series of books.  They are wonderful.  I’ve been taking an online class called “Raising Readers”.  The focus is for provider to make sure kids are ready for kindergarten and one of the things I realized after taking the class was that I needed more non-fiction books.  Well this is a great start.

Thanks so much for thinking of me and my kiddos Cindy in Florida.  We’ll have many days of enjoyment from these!!

My kiddos already love them…THANKS so much for sharing with us Cindy!!

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  1. Bonnie Baker Lippincott

    Hi Jo,
    I’ve looked all over this site to find an e-mail address for you. The one I did find on your trunk show contract doesn’t seem to be right.

    Would you email me or let me know your address. I have a question for you.

    Bonnie Lippincott

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