More Hunting for the House…

In our area there are lots and lots and lots of Facebook for sale groups.  We belong a few of them.  I hate the ones with clothes but love the ones “good junk”.  We have bought a few things off the groups, like my camera I told you about earlier.

We’ve sold LOTS of stuff on the group.  We sold all of the vanities and mirrors that were in the old house along with all the windows.  We even sold the chickens through there.

This weekend, it was our turn to do some buying.  Someone was doing some remodeling so we bought a good steel door-36″ wide for $15.  I wish they would have had 2 more!


We also bought five brand new interior doors that we’ll be staining and varnishing.  Four are 36″ doors….one is a 24″ door.  All of these were brand new.


The 24″ door will be going in the kitchen.  The 36″ doors, the will be in other rooms.

Now all of the interior doors are done…we need a few more exterior doors though.  I keep telling myself, one thing at a time…one thing at a time.  It’s a long hunt for cheapskates like us!

6 thoughts on “More Hunting for the House…”

  1. You are not cheapskates, you’re thrifty. When you’re finished, the new house will look like a million bucks. I love the idea that you’re using things that go with the period of the house. I have so much more respect for that, than when people overspend and it looks like garbage. ;-> Toni Anne

  2. Where in the kitchen is the 24″ door going – to the pantry? When I read this I had visions of trying to get new appliances in the kitchen and the door being too small.

  3. I can feel your pain, my DH just purchased a 1940 Dodge Panel Van. Since I have my quilting to keep me busy and he had nothing he thought he needed a project just for him too. Finding parts on the cheap isn’t easy maybe I’ll see if we have a Face Book group for our area.

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