More Goodies for a New Sewist

This is post two about all of the things that blog readers sent for my new little sewist.

An organizer with goodies came from Lisa W.  The organizer is something she will love.

The layers come apart and all sorts of sewing goodies can be stored there.  Lisa even stocked it!

She also sent a cute little box to keep her “sewing stash” in.  Lisa included some fun goodies in the box.

A blog reader who chose to be anonymous sent some 6″ squares.  It looks like there is enough to make a nice quilt top.  How sweet to share.

These awesome fabrics came from Teresa.  She asked what I could use and I suggested pillow case fabrics.  Oh aren’t these fun ones….check them out.

The next set of goodies came from Jackie in Canada.  Love and care knows no borders and Jackie proved that!!  There are love of great polka dots and larger fabrics here.

The last set of goodies came from Charlene in AZ.  She wrote and asked it I thought NG might need a bag to keep her sewing supplies in.  She went on to explain that she’s made a few of these bags and gifted them.  I said sure.  She’s often bring things back and forth between our houses.

The bag came in a FILLED box.  I didn’t even recognize that there was a bag in the box.

..but underneath it all was the bag.

This will be perfect!  The size is awesome.

Charlene filled the inside with goodies too.  I’ll get to the goodies in a bit…

Look inside the bag….Pockets!  and finished so nicely.

I’m impressed!!  If you’re reading this Charlene, please share the pattern name for the bag.  I think I want to make one.  I LOVE how the opening has a wire or something in it that make the bag pop out and hold just like the picture shows.

Now back to the other things in the bag…..

Wow.  Goodies galore.

This has been great everyone.  I feel so supported by all of you with the nice comments that are made about my relationship with NG…I feel so supported by the generosity I’ve experienced through this project of helping her with supplies.  It’s so awesome.

10 thoughts on “More Goodies for a New Sewist”

  1. That is box U keep all my sewing items in too. Off to retreat the box goes with. Needles, marking chalk, ripper, just to name a few.

  2. Quilters are just amazing! how kind of all of those who donated and to you Jo, because you made us all aware of NG and have shown her a kindness and love of quilting. Bravo Ladies, you make me proud to be a woman who Quilts.

  3. Jill McCaughey

    The bag is called The Retreat Bag, and you can download the instructions FREE from Emmaline Bags, where you can get the metal internal wire frames. Just grabbed the wires this weekend, and want to make the bag soon. Hope this helps. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

  4. I downloaded the retreat bag but it doesn’t feature handles or pockets on the outside. Were these added? I have one of those wireframes. I should just go ahead and make one and add my own handles.

  5. Laurie Scheck

    I love the bag Charlene has made and I would also like to get her pattern for the bag. What is the item that springs open and holds the bag open? I hope you will share Charlene bag pattern with us too.

  6. Hi Jo, so glad you enjoyed the box of goodies. The bag that I made is from Penny Sturges. She is a friend that lives here in AZ. I love all her patterns. They are very easy to make. This bag comes in 3 different sizes. This one is called Tool Tote. Her website is the Boxy Tote pattern is bigger and the smallest version is called The Cube. You do need to purchase the wire that goes in the bag. My local quilt store carries them. So check yours or you can get them on line. Can’t wait to see what NG makes;)

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