More from the Sewing Room…

I have two sewing chairs like this and that’s what I use for sewing.

The tops needed to be recovered.

It is super easy to do.  I cut the fabric a couple of inches bigger than the chair top.

I had a little helper…See?

I showed Gannon how to use his toy hammer and pound all of the staples in.

I got the first one done then did the second.  The only problem, check out the design on this chair.

The cream-colored pieces are supposed to be fabric.  Darn.  How was I supposed to manage that?

I tried to take the screws out and that was a mess and wouldn’t work.  I ended up screwing the chair back together and just did the best I could.  It’s not perfect but I’m content with it.

This looks pretty good.  The cabinet has a dark charcoal color for an accent.  It looks good with the fabric.

The sewing room is a disaster but little by little I am checking more things off of my list.  At this point, I really just need to be patient.  It’s all happening…just never as fast as I’d like.  But considering a week and a half ago, I didn’t have a plan, I’m actually doing REALLY well.

This little sewing hamper is going to get an updo too.  So far, I have the legs painted.  I don’t have enough fabric for reupholstering.  I’ll get that when I go to Waterloo to get the countertop I ordered for the island.

That’s the latest for the sewing room.  I’m still so excited!!  I love how it’s coming together!

15 thoughts on “More from the Sewing Room…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    You are getting it done yes parts are still messed up, but that’s the price you pay when you’re reorganizing what’s done looks so good.

  2. I love seeing your sewing room transformation! It’s exciting watching everything come together gradually. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! x

  3. You are doing so much to your sewing room and it is looking great! You remind me of one of my sisters – she gets so much done!! I am excited for you and can hardly wait to see the countertop.

  4. Wondered if you thought about looking for a clothes closet / armoire that goes floor to ceiling with doors to store supplies in yet keep the clutter behind doors. You would of course need a wall /space for it. I have one and can hide so much in it and feels good happy when it all has a place. It also frees up my limited floor space and have a beautiful wall unit. Food for thought, have a wonderful happy day.

  5. I thought, Just paint those cream colored pieces of wood on the sewing stool…why bother with fabric over and over? Maybe next time the seat needs recovering….

  6. It is all coming together and I like the fabric you used to cover the chairs with, how cute. Nice that Gannon was willing to help pound and help you out. He is a sweet boy.

  7. Love your helper…love your tips and ideas!! All looking good!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product and your heart will be singing. It feels good to get a room how you envision it!! you are on a roll!

  8. I’m not getting pictures. Obviously others are. I have tried my phone as well as desktop PC, clicked on your site directly, from bloglovin site and from your e-mail. Any thoughts, suggestions? I’m getting pictures from other sites just not yours.

  9. Jo – nice job on recovering the sewing bench. I have bungee chairs from The Container Store at my sewing machines – the best I’ve found for sewing. Most of my friends have them also. We even take them to retreats with us if we are driving and have room.

    Love your cute little helper!!!

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