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Today was an insulation day.  Earlier I told about putting in the roll out insulation and all the work Hubby, Craig and I did.

Earlier this week Hubby and our son Karl, who had a day off work, tackled the attic blown in insulation it was garage ceiling and the one story section of the house to blow the insulation into.  Kalissa volunteered to help and did a great job.


Her job is to open all the insulation bags with a carpet knife and dump them into the big blue tub.  The tub has an agitator that breaks the insulation chunk into pieces of fluff.  Then it blows them through this big tubing.


Hubby is at the end of the tubing which is up the ladder and in the rafters of the garage.  There is a remote at the end of the tubing that he can turn on and off.  I caught Kalissa here when it was turned off.  She had to keep moving to keep up with the machine and did a great job.

See all those bags in the background?  They worked their way through all of those….


and all of these!

More bags are arriving tomorrow then Saturday it will be time to do more insulation.

I am just so thankful that some of these jobs we can do ourselves.  It really saves on labor costs….and that’s what’s new at the house!

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