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We had a good Saturday.  I told you this morning that we went to Georgia’s baby shower.  While we were there.  Kramer had Craig, Carver and Scotty here at our house.  (I forgot to take a picture)

You might remember that Lucy was pretty shy last time she was here.  Saturday she was MUCH better and that was wonderful.  She’s at that precious age where she’s a little strange anxious…and sadly we don’t see her lots so we’re still in the stranger category.  That is changing more day by day though.  I love that.

Lora and the kids had to leave as Scotty had a birthday party..Kalissa and Craig left too but later called and said, “How about we bring supper?”  I’m NEVER going to turn that down.

So back they came two hours later with supper….

Craig was the cook and supper was wonderful.  He made this dish.

Chicken Asparagus Bake

It doesn’t look glamorous but it’s YUMMY.  Seriously, with spring and asparagus season coming this is a MUST MAKE!!

I asked Craig for the recipe and this is what he said…

In the bottom of the pan put
-1 pound of boiled asparagus
-5 chicken breasts that had been cut into bite sized pieces and fried
-over the top put 1 can of cream of mushroom soup mixed with 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese and a splash of milk
-sprinkle with a little bit of shredded cheese
-a box of made stuffing mix

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes

Well after supper it was D-Day for Kalissa.  She has been wanting rollerblades.  She was hoping that Craig and her could roller blade and push strollers with the boys.  It would be a way they could get some exercise in together.  So she was thinking about buying rollerblades.  It so happened that the next time after she talked to me about it, I was at the thrift store and found rollerblades for them both.  Kalissa’s were in the box and were $4.  Craig’s were $1.

I hesitated to buy them not knowing if she was serious and then decided that I would get them, and they could try it out.  If it was something they loved and these roller blades were awesome, they could buy new.

So the roller blades fit.  Kalissa has big feet so this was the first big hurdle to jump….next up, could she skate.  She’s been a good rollerskater but roller blades are a little different and she’s a little older.
She was up…and we were all laughing.  She was so funny.

So funny.
Craig had initially thought it was a little bit of a dumb idea….but Kalissa provoked him just enough that he wanted to skate better and up her one!

So game was on…they were up and skating.  Carver loved it.

…and Kalissa and Craig had fun too.

After that we came in and we all watched a movie together.  Kramer was in his chair, me in mine and they were all hanging on the couch.  I snapped a picture as I thought it was the cutest non-posed natural picture.

If you’re wondering what movie we watched….The Highwaymen.

Image result for the highwaymen
Have you watched it yet?  It’s a Netflix original and I loved it….Kramer loved it!  We all really liked it.

So that was our Saturday night…just hanging and having fun.

11 thoughts on “More from Saturday”

  1. Great Saturday for you and family. I watched The Highwaymen Sunday night. I thought it was interesting to look at Bonnie and Clyde from the legal side of it and to learn more about the Texas Rangers.

  2. What a fun day for you! I bet you all slept well!

    Bob and I did watch that movie and really enjoyed learning about something that we had never heard. Of course, we love those actors, too. Sometimes it was pretty slow and I have to admit that I fell asleep 15 minutes prior to the end (we’re FARMERS, after all!) and I had to watch the ending the next morning. Ha! I often watch movies that way. :-)

    So glad you’re making good memories, but you forgot the knee and elbow pads for those roller bladers of yours!

  3. Awwww, great family nights! What a great deal at the Thrift store and a great find. So cute the two of them.

  4. Looks like fun! Hope you can find them some helmets at the thrift store. The concrete looks pretty hard.

    I want to see The Highwaymen! Thx.

  5. I’ve been loving your posts lately. Your family seems to be settling into a bit of your old routine. No sewing? Who cares? Your family was blessed by the births of Gannon and Georgia at the perfect time. Life is a hustle and bustle but the girls’ maternity leaves couldn’t have come at a better time. My father in law brought some fresh asparagus today so I’m going to try Craig’s recipe. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. What a heart warming post! Nothing like time spent with family. Looks like the roller blades were a hit. The picture of them all together is precious. Carver is hamming it up.

  7. The Highwaymen was good wasn’t it? Entertaining and informative. I’ve never understood what it is about human nature that makes some people idolize criminals. It warmed my heart seeing how you all are pulling together. And the offer of such a yummy dinner… truly blessed!

  8. What a happy day! I watched the Highwaymen and enjoyed those two “old guys” out-smart the law & the FBI to catch the bad guys.

  9. We watched The Highwaymen and enjoyed it too. Great buy on the skates! Rollerblading is a good workout for the legs. I used to own some. Great family photo and there is a picture of Carver being cute! How is Gannon doing?

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