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Cards have continued to come to my mailbox.  I love it.  I really didn’t know the value of correspondence until Kramer’s illness and death.  I’ve been trying a little harder to send card and notes for no reason to people.  I know how much pleasure I get from the notes so am assuming others might enjoy them as well.

Thanks to Paula from Utah, I have stamps!!  Stamps are such a thoughtful gift…

Don’t you love the homemade card she sent…It looks quilted.  The stitching is actually sewn on a machine.  I love it!!

I love sharing homemade cards with all of you as I know many of you make cards.

I got a precious note from Suzanne in Alaska along with a gift…she said don’t send a thank you.  So I’m saying thank you here.
On the flip side of the card she wrote, “If you ever want to visit Alaska…let me know!”  So tempting.  Of all the places to visit, Alaska is on the top of my list!!  Maybe someday.  Thanks Suzanne.

This came from Jean in NH.  She was thinking this fabric would work great in the Oregon or Bust quilt I want to make.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m using shirts for the entire things or not.  All I know is that this fabric is SUPER CUTE.  See?

You can read about the Oregon or Bust quilt HERE.

Sue in PA send a card with a gift of money…I did buy something that makes me smile.  It was a cross stitch pattern.  That will keep me smiling for a long time.

The next card came from my Aunt Vivian.  She was a young widow like me.  I so appreciate cards from widows.  It truly gives me hope that I can do this.  It’s a group I never hoped to join but I’m finding myself in the company of some good strong women.

A card from Nell!!  We’ve hoping to put together a sewing weekend.  I think we’re just going to have a pick a date and go with it.  Is there ever a PERFECT date?

My friend Stacey has been sending me cards periodically…Dawn has too.  It’s so sweet to know so many of you are still thinking of me.  I so appreciate it.

Stacey is a cardmaker and I always love getting them.

My kids were so excited when this next letter came.  It was from Aunt Dorothy (Kramer’s oldest sister).  Kalissa requested her coffee cake recipe which was Grandma Kramer’s recipe.  Notice the way she addressed it.  After Kalissa got it she said, “Mom, I requested it for you so you could make it for me.”  AH…of course she did!!  I am always baking and I’m so happy to add Grandma Kramer’s coffee cake to my offerings.  Thanks Dorothy.

She’s been sweet sending cards periodically.

I’m so blessed with friends, family and blog readers who think of me and send cards.  I so appreciate it.  My day is brightened whenever there is a card in the mail!!

7 thoughts on “More from My Mail….”

  1. Brenda Fiedler

    Looks like everyone might like to have a copy of this family recipe if you care to share…..thinking of you this morning as I have my coffee and read through the blog. Have a great day!

  2. Donna Pheneger

    What a blessing to have so many friends and family that continue to contact you. We really truly can be family without ever meeting, can’t we?

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