More Dogs and Kids…

If you read the morning post, you heard that I got puppies in…

There were two Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. You can see them both on the left.

My grandson Gannon was totally in love with the boy.

The pups came early Tuesday morning, went to the vet on Wednesday, and left for a new foster home on Thursday. I was just the stopover to get them vetted. It was perfect timing. Several of the grandkids were here and these were the perfect puppies for them to play with.

Simone my shy 2 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd stayed with me.

On Wednesday everything was super chaotic here. Eight of the grandkids were here. We had a family meal planned. There were some complications with the coordination of vet plans so I had several calls back and forth with the foster coordinator. I ended up in the garage talking on the phone several times because it was so loud in the house. Thankfully my daughter Kelli was here and she watched the kids.

That got taken care of and then it was more calls with the coordinator. She was wondering if I could help with another new batch of puppies. These were owner surrenders. We were told there would be two Blue Heelers.

I said I could help. It turns out that I was taking the grandkids back to meet my son Buck at the halfway point between his house and my house and it turns out, that’s where the puppies were. I readily volunteered to help out.

The hitch was that we didn’t have room for these at the foster. We are full, but we never refuse release puppies from this area. We never know what will happen if we don’t take them…so we do. These pups would need to be transported to another rescue that could take them.

I got a call confirming pick-up time so I made plans with my son to meet him at a time that also worked with picking up the puppies. Truly, a HUGE part of dog rescue is arranging meet-up times!

I ended up getting an address where the pups needed to be picked up. I looked it up on the map. Remember those dogs I had seen that were for sale in a kennel in the hot sun? I told you about it in the morning blog post. These were the same puppies. WHEW!

Thursday, came around and the foster came and picked up the two Bernese puppies. The grandkids all hugged them goodbye and were pretty sad. That didn’t last too long when I told them we were going to pick up new pups.

I got another call. Pick up time changed..and now I was getting three, not two as the original plan suggested. I called my son to see if the drop-off time with him could change too. He said yes and was happy because now I was picking up the puppies first and he’d get a chance to see them.

I started flying through the house trying to get the kids ready. I love my grandkids but these three have ZERO sense of hurry or urgency. We finally got on the road. Lucy forgot her tablet. We here five miles away so we turned around and got it. Then back on the road. Construction of course.

I wanted to get there as I was worried the puppies might be in the kennel in the heat. Happily, they weren’t. They were under the porch and came sauntering out. They were cute but very dusty and dirty.

It turns out they were red heelers…10 weeks old.

The white one is a male and the browner one a female.

I would totally name that male Opie. Remember Opie from Andy Griffith. Opie was the little boy (Ron Howard) and he had red (orange/red) hair with freckles. The pup reminds me of him.

I asked about the third puppy…wasn’t there supposed to be another?

Yes. That was at the sister’s house so off we went to find it. Here he is.

Then off we went to meet my son Buck and transfer the kids over to him. We visited for a few minutes and off I went to the rescue to drop these guys off.

They were perfectly behaved pups in the car. No whining, no puking, no pooping. It was the best transport I’ve ever done. Definitely the smoothest!!

If you’re interested in these cuties I’m sure they will be posted at Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo, Iowa.

If they stay as calm as they were, they are going to make someone a really nice dog.

…and that is my story of how I touched the lives of six dogs in one week. Whew. I really shouldn’t have said that. As I am writing this, the week isn’t over yet.

12 thoughts on “More Dogs and Kids…”

  1. Jo, I’m so glad that those were the puppies you had seen in the kennel by the side of the road ~ thank you for letting us know that they too were rescued. And thank you for all that you do for so many (people and animals): you truly are a special lady, and I feel so blest to be able to follow your blog posts every day. Your loving, giving nature is such a joy to behold.

  2. I am sending you another box of leashes and collars next week. They are used but have been washed like the last two batches I sent you. You do such great work with the rescue.

  3. WHEW! So much fun with all the doggies and kids! It is wonderful that all the grands love those puppies and were able to help you. It is sad that there are so many puppy mills, but glad there are people like you and the other fosters to care for them until they can be adopted.

  4. Thank goodness those puppies were rescued. When I read your morning post about them, I dreaded to think what would happen to them. Thank goodness for people like you, Jo!

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