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If you’re not a dog lover, you’re probably disappointed in the blog lately as it’s really “gone to the dogs”.  I promise that last post for a bit.

Life as a foster mom has been a whirlwind lately.  Please don’t let that ever discourage you from fostering.  I really signed up for this and could have easily taken a break and not taken these last two pups…but, I wanted to.

Before I tell you about the puppy’s big day yesterday, I want to tell you the rest of the story about Rusty.  You can all follow up on Rusty’s story as Rusty’s mom told about him on her blog.  You can find it HERE.  I am supposed to be discrete about where dogs that I care for go…but Connie, Rusty’s new mom wrote about Rusy on her blog today so I figured it was now public information and I could share.  If you follow Free Motion by the River written by Connie, then you already know Rusty’s new mom, Connie.  If you don’t read Connie’s blog, I think you’re in for a big treat.  Feel free to go check her out and her first post about Rusty HERE.

Now, back to the puppies…
The truth of fostering and how quickly we can get dogs into their furever homes is largely due to the vets and the openings they have to get our dogs in.  When I got Rusty, his appointment was a week out.  So he lived with me for a week, got his vet work done, and then had to heal before we could list him.  During that time, the Australian Shepherds were released and I couldn’t foster any of them.  That’s totally okay, but we want to keep the dogs moving so we have foster openings should we need them.

Also, we want dogs to keep moving so they don’t get attached to their foster and then have to do another big readjustment once they get to their furever home.

When I requested an appointment for these girls, they had an appointment for the next day and I took it.  I called and said, wait, we were going to spay them so I might need to make other appointments.  They told me maybe they would squeeze them.

So yesterday I took the puppies in.  I had my grandsons Anders and Gannon with so it was quite the event to get everyone into the office.  The puppies are just learning leash training and don’t walk very well at all…but, we’re working on it and they are improving.

The dogs were initially only supposed to get shots.  I asked how soon spay appointments might be open and they said it was a slower day so they would sneak them in and do it that day.  YAHOO!!

I left them there and went home to take care of the grandsons.

I called later in the day and yes, the puppies would be ready by closing time so I scrambled, getting the boys ready to drop off, and then made a run to pick up the puppies.

A bit shout out to my sister and her husband.  They were up visiting and brought me some kennels they had that they weren’t using.  This bigger one was perfect so both of the puppies could be in one kennel.

The pups came home pretty groggy but perked up for a picture.

Whew…I thought I could take a breather and get caught up on life.  All of my time was either dedicated to dogs or catching up on the blog.  I didn’t even touch my sewing room these last two days…but first I had to get the blog posts written for tomorrow.

I sat down at the computer and sent a message to my brother-in-law thanking them for the dog kennels.  I sent an update on the dogs to the people I volunteer with and started writing this post.  Then I got a message reminding me that the vet work on these gals was done so we needed to put together pictures and a description for each dog.

I decided to do that right away…
Do you know how… hard it is to get pictures of only one dog at a time??  HARD…but aren’t they cute?

This is BeeBee.  I ended up getting these pictures of her.

She’s a sweet pup.  I’ll admit, she’s my favorite.

I think it’s because she is a little calmer.

She has heavier or thicker fur.  Her undercoat is gray so I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned grayer as she ages.

CeeCee is much more photogenic.

Her colorings make her so cute.  I’ve had several people comment on her coloring.

She is a little spicier than BeeBee.  As I open the gate to the pen, she’ll quickly try to sneak out.  She is the more curious of the two too.  Yesterday morning before the visit to the vet, she jumped up on the little kids’ table Gannon was playing with Legos at.  She’s rambunctious.

Oh, but look at those eyes.  What a cutie.

She’s going to need someone with patience and the want to train her…BeeBee will too, just like any puppy.

These guys will likely be listed with HEART Animal Rescue today so if you’re looking for some energetic puppies, please put in an application.  They are an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  They are three months old. Their parents were likely 40 pounds or so.  That should give you an idea of how big they will likely get.  You can find adoption forms HERE.

Right now HEART Animal Rescue is holding an auction…they call it a Pawction.  You can find it HERE on their Facebook page.  They are raising money to help with the needs of the rescue.  You can check it out.  I am also leaving the donation page information HERE.  I was asked by a blog reader to always put the donation page link on every post I write about the dogs I foster so I’ll do as requested.

Do any of you get a Bark Box?  If you do would you consider using the code HEARTRESCUE when you check out?  If you do, Bark Box will send a $25 donation to the rescue.  Isn’t that awesome?

Something anyone can do that is helpful and doesn’t cost a penny is to share my blog posts and dog news with friends or anyone you know who might be looking for a new pet to add to their family.  It would be so helpful!!

I want to do a shout-out to everyone at Fredericksburg Vet Clinic in Fredericksburg Iowa.  They are proving to be a wonderful partner for my work with HEART Animal Rescue.  They assured me that they will do their best to work with the rescue dogs as quickly as they can.  They told me that it’s the best thing they can do to help rescue dogs.  YES!!  It’s so true.  I can’t thank them enough.  I’ve loved everyone there from Tim at the reception desk to the vet techs to the vet.  Thanks so much for being a great partner!!

I’m just loving being a foster…there is always something new or different happening.  Someone asked if I would write something up on being a foster as far as what’s expected of me and how I feel about it.  I will in a future post.  Right now I think I need a little more experience first.

Thanks to all of you for putting up with so many dog posts in recent days…Hopefully, these two will find homes and things will calm down a bit…but maybe won’t calm down, and that’s okay too.

21 thoughts on “More Dog and Puppy News”

  1. Those two are simply adorable and I’m willing to bet they’ll be snapped up quickly. So wonderful what you and all the others do!!

  2. I am not a dog person, don’t know why, but I just don’t jell with them. However, I love cats and lost my beloved Tugger 2 weeks ago after 13 years. I was able to find a rescue kitten from Cat by Cat Inc. and bring her home yesterday. Her foster mom did an awesome job and the little one is very sweet. Thanks for foster homes for both dogs and cats.

  3. I started reading your blog because of the quilts but am loving all the dog stories. I am a dog lover and just lost my golden. I only had her 6 years. Wish you were closer, I am in CA, because your fosters are so cute. I would love to have had Rusty but so happy he found a great home.
    Thanks for your blog including the dog ones.

  4. Like Lynn, I started reading your blog for quilt info but also enjoy and am inspired by your other activities. (You should see my African violets, which I knew nothing about before you!) About these puppies: They would be great for anyone, for sure, but homes of folks who have an interest in agility training and competition would be perfect. Australian shepherds and border collies are absolute naturals in that sport! (Right now I am doing agility with our vizsla puppy and having a terrific time.)

  5. It’s your blog, you can post anything you want. If someone doesn’t like a certain days content, they can skip it. This is your life, you don’t need to apologize. Blog posts about the dogs isn’t any different than blog posts about the rest of your family because they currently are your family. I personally enjoy them. CeeCee reminds me of the RCA Victor dog. Both BeeBee and CeeCee are cuties.

  6. Barbara Firesheets

    Jo, I have enjoyed reading about your adventures as a foster home for the dogs. I was already reading Connie’s blog, and it was fun to learn that she and her husband have adopted Rusty. I’m looking forward to reading future updates about him on her blog. Keep up the great work you’re doing for these dogs. They are so lucky to have you!

  7. We work with Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a time in Moberly MO and love doing it.
    Right now we have a foster that we’ve had for a year. She had been severely neglected and had to heal and go through court proceedings. That’s all done now and she’s a healthy, happy dog ready for adoption. Unfortunately adults are harder to adopt out and she is a little slow to warm up to strangers which hasn’t helped. But we know there is someone out there with an active lifestyle and the patience to win her trust and love. Until then we treat her like one of ours.

  8. I read your blog for everything! It amazes me what you get accomplished in a day! I don’t have a dog, but I love hearing your dog stories and look for them. It looks like quite a whirlwind as they move through!

  9. You do such a great job fostering Jo! Thank you for all you do and also for letting everyone know where they can keep up with Rusty’s future. We are enjoying him so much and he fits in perfectly with Mr. Mickey. Those are sure cute puppies but I’ll stick with senior dogs!

  10. I enjoy your dog fostering blogs. They are all so cute. I went to Connie’s blog and will watch her updates on Rusty. I don’t have a dog anymore. We are too old to start with a dog again. We have cats now from the shelter. Not everyone is going to like the same things. You just put whatever you want on your blog and don’t worry about it.

  11. Thank you to everyone who fosters (dogs and cats alike). They give so much love and understand if we’re not feeling well. I love that you share so much of your life, Jo. Thanks.

  12. Those pups are adorable! But wait, did I miss a post? When did they come home with you, Jo? Must have been a busy house if they came before Rusty went to his new home:-)

  13. Carolyn A Thompson

    I love your blog…..and hope you will continue sharing all your “foster Mom” experiences!!
    I too went to Connie’s blog and read about Rusty and how he is doing in her home!!
    I love that you and Connie and her husband had a hand in getting Rusty into a loving wonderful home.
    So much fun!!
    I love both of the new puppies, but I’m also partial to older dogs!!
    Thank you for all you do with Fostering these precious “puppies and dogs”!!
    I’m loving it!!!

  14. I am a dog lover, quilting is in second place! lol I did rescue for years, I was always a failed foster. My dogs are my world and truly love that you foster and post about the dogs, please don’t stop!

  15. The puppies are adorable!! We have cats but when you post all these puppies, I’m so tempted. With our mobility issues, it really wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, but oh they are sweet. Thank you for all you do to help animals get to their loving homes.

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