More Charity Quilt..

I am on a roll with charity quilts.  Here are two I finished up.  These tops were made by Erica Pascal in Chicago…THANKS Erica!!


The blocks in the quilt are made with the same pattern but the layouts are different.

Quilt #1 has the blocks side by side with a border fabric around the outside.


On that one I tried a more manly looking quilting motif….I like the variegated thread on the back.


Quilt #2 has sashing between the blocks.  I really like them both…and will make great guy quilts.


This one has my favorite “go to” floral stipple.


These along with the two quilts I showed you yesterday are going to shut in Christmas in an area town.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent Erica.  I am sure these quilts will be treasured.

7 thoughts on “More Charity Quilt..”

  1. I’m noticing that these quilts are thin, with lots of quilting in them. When using the newer and thinner cotton battings, is it necessary to do a small repeating stitch pattern so that the batting stays in place?
    I haven’t seen a discussion on this aspect of the current quilting style, which often uses large machines. It seems like a return to the original cotton battings (with seeds) and the close lines of stitching that were required to keep them in place.
    I remember the larger polyester battings that required tying or stitching about every 3-4″. Which was a lot less work. The loft in those fat battings made the quilts nice and warm.

  2. Happy birthday Jo! I hope you have an incredible day to celebrate an incredible woman. You give so much to everyone, it’s your turn to have a day to celebrate you!

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