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Can you believe we have TWO family weddings in the month of September?  Kalissa’s is the first weekend and my oldest brother Jule’s youngest daughter Ariel is getting married the last weekend in September.  Here are the two gals who’ll be getting married….

Before both girls were getting married, Kalissa had been the annoying little cousin, and Ariel was the big cousin who would only play with Kalissa’s big sisters.  Well much of that has changed in the last year or so and the girls have started planning weddings…Kalissa suddenly grew up and Ariel started seeing her as that.  I think they have figured out that once you’re 20- age starts to mean little.  Friendship isn’t defined by age.


That makes September a very busy month but I am fine with that…I’m excited about that.  It also means that Ariel needed a bridal shower.

My three gals made the trek to my house and then we together made the trek to Minnesota.  Kalissa was a real trouper.  She had worked a 12 hour night shift and then came for the trip.  She wouldn’t have missed it!  It’s jut over a two hour drive so I had lots of time to visit with my girls.

The shower was fun…  Ariel was a sweet bride to be.

I especially liked that I got a picture of my brother’s girls and my girls.  One serious…


and one silly.


I even got a picture with Ariel.


One of the happiest things in the world to me is knowing that these girls have become not just cousins…but friends too.

We’ll see them all again in just 12 days…12 days…WOW!  I can’t wait!

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  1. Honestly I can hardly stand this! I remember when we got married you were a cute little pest at the time and now I can’t imagine not having you as a Sister-in-law and more importantly a friend! It was so good to see you and all the girls yesterday. All of you hold a special place in my heart! See you all in a few days!

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