Moonlight Stitching Studio and Sister’s Retreat

A post from Kelli–

Earlier today, I showed you Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden and Retreat which will be hosting some of our retreaters this upcoming week.  When we got a bit further into planning our retreat, we realized how many people were interested in attending and quickly realized that we had many more people that were interested in attending than we had spots available.  After a bit of thinking and a wonderful suggestion, we contacted Deb Thies of Moonlight Stitching Studio and Sister’s retreat in West Union, approximately 25 minutes north of Oelwein.  After a wonderful tour, we knew immediately that Moonlight Stitching Studio and Sister’s Retreat would be a wonderful second location to host even more retreaters for our quilty get-away.

Deb has a wonderful shop at the front of her retreat center.  She has many fun fabric prints–I love all of the pinks!

Deb's 4 (300x400)



If you happen to like knitting or crocheting, Deb also stocks different and unique kinds of yarn!

Deb's 5 (400x300)


Behind her shop, is where the classroom space is located.  It is very large and open.

Deb's 7 (400x300)
If you find that you need to take a little break from sewing or maybe want to work on some handwork, there’s this wonderful little spot located to the one side of the classroom.  I think it’s too cute!

Deb's 8 (400x300)
There’s also a kitchen on the main level for all to use at the retreat!

Upstairs, are the sleeping quarters.  Again, the rooms have varying numbers of beds, but they all have beautiful quilts!

Deb's 1 (400x300)


I especially liked this quilt.  Mom and I both like all things red.

Deb's 2 (400x300)
It seems like everywhere you look, Deb has taken little nooks and made them feel homey and comfortable.  I love this red chair!

Deb's 3 (300x400)
And at one end of the upstairs is this little kitchen type nook with a little table and microwave.  Perfect for taking a little break!

Deb's 6 (400x300)
As I said this morning, we are getting sooooo excited for the retreat–and now you can see why!  We look forward to meeting all of our retreaters and making wonderful new friends.

If you are scheduled to attend the retreat and have any last minute questions, please feel free to contact me at  I will be sending out a final email this weekend with some last minute information and would love to answer any questions that you may have about the retreat.






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  1. You ladies have booked two wonderful locations that offer everything a retreat would need ~ a fully stocked quilt shop w/ living/sleeping facilities. I don’t know of any quilt shops in So CA that have such facilities. Unfortunately, I’m not attending but have enjoyed your pictures Kelli especially those of the beds w/ their beautiful quilts.

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