Mondays with Ruby

I was always a stay at home mom and I always remember Mondays being the hardest day of the week.  The weekends were always busy either with family and friends or even with just the older siblings home.  The routine always changed on the weekend and on Mondays I always had to fight to get the routine back in place.  With Ruby it’s much the same.  She got LOTS of attention over the weekend.

She insisted that I play with her….whining until I wrestled her and played fetch with her.

Then I kicked her outside thinking she would wear off some energy.  Then she came in and I tried working at the computer.

First she insisted on sitting in the computer chair next to me in what is now “her” office chair while I sat in my office chair and worked on the computer.  Then she tried to crawl from her chair into my chair and onto my lap.  Then I gave her a toy to pacify her and keep her on her chair.  Typing with a dog on my lap doesn’t work the best.

Then she dropped the toy and whined.

I pick it up…then she drops it again…I pick it up.  Hey wait.  She’s just playing a game with me.

Then I give her a treat.  Honestly, I’ve played a lot with her and I do need to get some work done.

Finally….she falls to sleep.

Now I have 45 minutes until my daughter is home from school….hopefully I will accomplish something.

It reminds me exactly of what it was like when the kids were home….and that’s a typical Monday with Ruby.

8 thoughts on “Mondays with Ruby”

  1. I want a puppy! Really no, with me working out of the house and the other dogs at home, we are good. But I sooo wish I was closer. I would come dog sit for a couple of hours and give you some alone time. Guess I’ll have to watch from afar. Love that little cutie!

  2. Awww, such a cutie!! You need to figure out how to exhaust her without you needing a nap at the same time!!! Puppies are just like little kids, totally wanting our attention just when we need to do something else!

  3. Ruby is such a doll. I love that she figured out how to play the “pick up” game. My pug doesn’t like to come into my quilt studio. We can’t figure out what it is that she doesn’t like. I’d love to have another dog that would be my buddy in the studio, but I think it would hurt my pug’s feelings to have a rival for my attention in the house.

  4. She is so adorable! I remember well when my 3 sons were little and always kept me hopping. I wish I could have a dog, but no fenced yard here and in the city. There are so many needing homes from the Humane Society. Thanks for sharing!

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