Monday’s Ruby Report

I think this will be the last daily Ruby report.  I’ll give you an update in a couple days though.  How about we go with no news means she’s just fine.

She really is pretty close to normal.  She tires more easily and the flight of stairs to the upstairs is something she is really hesitant about.  Last night she slept through the night so that’s better too.

Here she is with Hubby.  Ever day after the mid day meal, he lays down for a power nap.  Ruby, of course, thinks this means play time!!  I tease Hubby that she is playing “King of the Mountain” meaning his belly is the mountain.

Once Hubby went back to work it was time for a pain pill and a nap in the office chair next to me.

Again…thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts and prayers our way.  We are so blessed to have Ruby as part of our life and so thankful that she will be with us longer.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Ruby Report”

  1. I have followed along with eveeryone else watching Ruby’s recovery. I am so glad to see she is doing well! I’m a nurse, and used to work on a surgical unit. For humans, bowel surgery is no picnic, and is a long road at best for recovery. For animals, it appears to be the same, although faster. You and your family are to be commended for coping so well with this episode in little Ruby’s life!!!

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