Monday with the Boys…

I had Kalissa’s boy, Carver and Gannon, on Monday. I had told you all that we were distancing again…but happily, we’re seeing each other again.  We aren’t seeing many more than though.  One of them had a scare at their work and decided to stay away from me until is was resolved.  The person tested negative so we’re together again..and I’m happy.

For the most part, Mondays are Grandma days.  Oh my, I love Grandma care over childcare.  I can still do the laundry, make phone calls and even write a blog post if it works in with the boys.

Today we did errands in town.  Remember me saying that I bought the double wide stroller at a garage sale a bit ago.  I love it and have used it some already.

I had Gannon in the stroller and Rosie on the leash so I couldn’t go in to do the errands but being we live in small town Iowa, and I Carver who is getting close to 4 year olds, he can handle the errands.

At the post office, I sent him inside with a check and told him to tell Sue our postmaster that he was bringing in packages from Grandma Jo. She came and helped…it was so sweet.

The at the bank I stood outside the window and called into the bank and ask them to take cash out of my savings, put it in an envelope, and send it to me via Carver playing courrier. They did and Carver loved it!! He felt like such a big boy.

I love small town life where so many people in town know Carver is my grandson and the are patient and let Carver help me.  Carver knows so many of the people in our town already.  I love that.

From there we went on a walk…Carver biked, I pushed the stroller. We didn’t go super far but far enough to give Rosie a little exercise and far enough for me to feel like I got out of the house. That $5 bike was a great garage sale find too!! He rides it so much.

From there is was lunch time. Carver loves when we make these…
Pizza with Naan flatbread.

Carver thinks he’s making lunch…it so easy, some sauce and then toppings  I have fresh basil on my side…he has ham only…Our favorite cheese from the Amish grocery store is this bacon cheese.  It’s only $4.50 for 2 1/2 pounds and it’s AWESOME cheese that works great on pizza or anywhere really. 

Here it is out of the oven. YUM!! If you’ve not made pizza with this, seriously give it a try. I love it for something quick.
We did more things…made brownies.

Captured our brother in between the two foot rests.  UGH.

Gannon was so mad.  He couldn’t figure out how to get out.  Carver is busy trying to get the foot rests back down as I had just yelled at him.  Oh my.

We gardened and watered the flowers…all things I probably wouldn’t get done if it was a childcare day.  I just love the laid back Grandma days we are having.  The boys are to the age that they are really fun.

Carver is scheduled to go to Preschool in the fall but depending on Covid, we really don’t know what will happen.  Kalissa has said if it’s all masks and restrictions, they’ll probably keep him home.  Secretly, I’m totally okay with that.  I’d love some more time with him before he goes off to school..and honestly, he can easily live without this year of preschool.  He already knows all his letters upper and lower and many of the sounds they make.  He understands that sounds go to together to make words.  He can identify all the numbers 1-10 and he’s super smart and aware of other things too.

We’ll see.  I’m thankful that he’s at the age where we can still easily choose if he should go to school or not.  For us, three year old preschool is completely optional.   I feel so bad for those that school is mandatory and choices have to made for what is right.

Anyway…Grandma days are the best days…Although I do need some non Grandma days to get my stuff done.  A balance is perfect.

16 thoughts on “Monday with the Boys…”

  1. For the quilter is So Calif., contact Lloyd Askew about your Singer. Don’t know his contact info. but you could try calling Orange Quilt Bee in Orange, CA. I took a maint. class from him at this shop.

  2. Well, well. Gannon didn’t think to crawl under to get out? another way to move and solve the problem. He looks small enough to go under the coffee table. Give him a hint next time.
    I so enjoyed reading about your old sewing machines. Singers are my favorites. Someone mentioned a singer 185j green, and I thought, Yes! that is a zigzag machine. I found one and gave it to my daughter. She enjoyed using it for a short time. I think it’s gathering dust now.
    Summer is passing by! Looks like you are enjoying yourself!

  3. Love that you have found the balance between Grandma days and non Grandma days. Those boys are so lucky to be able to spend so much time with you!

  4. Love reading what you are up to and seeing all your creations.
    I am so very glad you posted about Ms Pins doing blog pages! Kayla was great to work with and everything went smoothly and quickly.

  5. I agree about keeping Carver home for another year. He is learning so much with family. It was great to see him helping with the errands. Enjoy the Mondays with the boys.

  6. You are so lucky to spend this precious time with your Grands! They are growing up so fast. Enjoy it all!!!

  7. Kelly Pearsall

    I love everything you do, make, bake, enjoy and write about. I love your love for family. I am really not a busy body or tattle tale…but everyone should wear a helmet when riding a bike. Even a little one. Please don’t hate me! Just sayin’

  8. I love the idea of Carver going to the bank and post office! He’s probably too short to even reach the counters since those are so high in these places! Yes growing up in a small town has its advantages!

  9. How wonderful your Grandmother day sounded, lucky you. Its was so sweet of Carver to help with those errands, makes him feel helpful. Oh my, locking his brother up with the sofa, lol….what a stinker(makes me smile seeing the picture).

  10. Please encourage Carver to wear a helmet on any self-powered ride-on. It will help set the stage for helmet use as he grows older, and his brain is worth saving!

  11. Barbara Firesheets

    Sounds like you had such a fun, productive day with the boys! Carver and Gannon will have so many great memories.

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