Monday to Lacrosse

Monday Hubby had a doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse.  I took the day off and decided to ride along.  I had a bag packed and ready for some busy work in the car. I had my spider web quilt things to work on.  There were papers to remove and there was “kites” to glue down.  I love car projects.


I had gotten a quilt machine quilted for my niece Jody so we stopped along the way at the post office in Hoaka, Minnesota.  When I got out of the truck there in the crack along the sidewalk was a petunia growing.  It reminded me of the story of the mustard seed in the bible.  I’ve been running a little thin lately and seeing this was just the pick me up I needed.  Look at what that little seed did by simply not giving up and keeping on trying.


By the time we got to Lacrosse my spider web work was finished and I was on to working on my hexies.


I was the driver on my the trip home so not much hexie got finished but that’s okay.  I’ll take the little time I get here and there and work with it.  There is no deadline on this quilt so it’s all okay.  I did make a couple stops on the way home…being I was driving I opted to be the navigator too.  We made a stop here in Spring Grove….


ICE CREAM!  I’m a hard ice cream girl and Hubby loves it too.  They had lots of different flavors to chose from.

I did have to stop at my favorite thrift store on the way home.  There was LOTS of quilting related things there…..This quilt top was really neat.  It was old and they were asking $35 for it.  All in all it was in good shape.


Even neater was this yo-yo quilt top.  All in all it was in pretty good shape.  It needed a little mending and possibly a few more yo-yos.  The colors were amazing.  They were asking $80 for it which is really a good deal but I don’t have the time to fix it.


I was so tempted to buy both of them and offer them for sale on the blog.  I know there are those of you out there who never get a chance at items like these but I hate to put the money out only to find no one wants them….It’s hard to know what to do.

There were several sewing machines available….here’s a Minnesota.  I’ve always been tempted by Minnesota’s simply because I was born and raised in Minnesota.


There was this one in a nice table….Monday-12

There was this Brother.  It was kind of neat that all types of sewing machines were for sale.


They had old machines, new machines and this completely and totally amazing treadle.  Check it out….The machine glowed.  The cabinet was AMAZING.  The decals on the machine were spot on and in mint condition.  The color of the cabinet made the decals shine.  I was so excited to it…What a beauty!!  I started to try to figure out where I would put it in the house but I really didn’t have a spot.  But I wanted it really bad.  Then I looked at the price tag.  Um…  $250.  It was a lot but actually for the machine and the condition it was in, very reasonable.

The machine is a Franklin.  I don’t know a lot about that brand….


I twirled the wheel and checked out the inside of the cabinet.  Oh my.  I LOVE IT.  I ended up showing it to Hubby.  He really liked it too.  The first thing he asked was where would I put it.  UGH.  There he is “Mr. Reason” to my “Mrs. Whimsical”.  UGH.


I came home thinking about the machine…and even a couple days later as I’m writing this…I am still thinking about the machine.  If I knew I would love treadling…If I knew I’d actually use it, I would grab it up in a heart beat.  But will I?  I sure think owning this would motivate me to give treadling a try.  I can’t begin to tell you how tempting this machine was.

I’ve thought about going up to the sewing room at treadling on the machine I have to prove to myself that I would like it….would that justify a $250 purchase?

Oh well…some other quilter is likely going to snap this up.  It’s absolute amazing….and you know how I like antiques.

From there it was onto Wal-Mart…then a Visitation..then supper out and finally home.  Kelli met us for the visitation and supper and home.  Once there we loaded a quilt on the frame and Kelli started quilting it.  Yep…Kelli is doing this one!!

It was a crazy Monday but fun too…even if I didn’t come home with that AMAZING treadle sewing machine.



11 thoughts on “Monday to Lacrosse”

  1. Carolyn berroeta

    A question from that silly lady in France who loves reading about your life, but doesn’t understand everything. What is a visitation ? Thanks Jo

  2. If Hubby is in the mood to be Prince Charming, you’ll find that treadle under your Christmas tree! I wish I could find it under mine! I was also wondering what a visitation is, exactly, and I live in New Jersey.

  3. Your trip to Lacrosse sounds like a full day spent with the husband, I like the idea of ice cream and a thrift shop on the way home.

  4. What a lovely day you had. Was this in LaCrosse Wisconsin? If so, where is this thrift shop? I would love go there. I am not buying sewing machines but I love a good thrift shop.

  5. Most of my sewing is done on a treadle. I absolutely love it, more than sewing on any electric machine. Treadle sewing is so much more peaceful. Try it, you’ll like it! (But I’m with everyone else–what’s a visitation? and I live in Florida…LOL)

  6. What a great day you had! You are sure right about most people not having a chance at finding things like you showed. I would absolutely love to have that beautiful machine, even if it was just for the cabinet!

  7. A visitation is another name for a wake or a viewing of someone who is deceased. Family and friends gather in remembrance of the deceased before the funeral and internment (burial) or cremation..

  8. Visitation = prior to a funeral
    Sorry to hear you are feeling less than perfect we all need a boost from time to time.
    Regarding treadle sewing machines I’d suggest you think of the treadle as a power source so sewing machines run by motor or handcrank or treadle
    So there are some vintage sewing machines that can be powered by any of these ways

    Also just like our modern sewing machines some vintage sewing machine are just hard to use so if it’s a “cranky” machine and you are treadling it you might say I hate treadling but if you were trying to sew on the same sewing machine powered by a motor you most likely would say I don’t like sewing with this sewing machine it’s hard to keep the tension right or the bobbins are hard to wind etc

    If you can find someone in your area that has a treadle sewing machine that works well for them …..that would be perfect to try treadling

    I like treadling but I must admit I sew most often with motor powered sewing machines
    Although our power went out today I didn’t treadle as I was resting not sewing during the outage perfect timing

  9. Christine VanHorn

    Doc’s Blue Moose is amazing. Spring Grove is my hometown. Where is your favorite little thrift store. Would love to check out that brother sewing machine for a friend. Love reading your blogs.

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