Monday Night Plans

I was home.  Kramer was at the hospital.  Craig came to pick the boys up from childcare.  Kalissa was working.  Craig asked me what I was going to do.  I said clean up the house and then write blog posts.

Craig said, you can clean if you want but I was thinking being it’s cool outside and being we have the stuff, we could do the landscape along the house.

WHAT>>>>>  YES!  The thought had crossed my mind to do that but I didn’t think I could get it finished myself in just one evening.  With Craig and I together, yep- I think we could get it done.

It was a mess.  I tried to fix it last year but never did feel good about it.  You might remember that we landscaped in the front of the house, (also with Craig’s help) Read about that HERE if you missed it.

This section was going to be a little harder.  We wanted to put wood chips in the back and be able to plant annuals in the front.

Carver was a great help.  He was the cutest EVER!  He kept saying, “Joey me do hard work.”..and he really was!!

This is the best picture!!!  Craig and Carver working together….
We dug out the front and put in some potting soil so the annuals will grow a little better.  The soil that’s there was super compacted.

Gannon was great too!!  It’s so cold here that he’s in a light snow suit.  He loves the swing so hung out there.

UGH…we ran out of the black landscape covering.  Luckily Kalissa was in town and just finishing up work so she ran to Wal-mart and got some more.

With the delay, it was almost 9pm by the time we (Craig) finished.

I sent a message to Kalissa with a picture of the boys.  She texted back and said, “I assume supper is at your house??”  She was working until 7pm so….I texted back and said, “YES!  Pick it up on the way home.”

So supper didn’t get ate until about 9:00pm.  I was SO POOPED but so happy to have this finished.  Now I can get the annuals.  It’s still cold here….today’s high is 50.  It doesn’t put me in the planting mood.  But now it’s ready I can plant whenever the mood strikes.

Craig is the best…seriously.  He was a HUGE help.  I’d be lost without him.

22 thoughts on “Monday Night Plans”

  1. I love the way your family works together and supports each other. You and Kramer have done a great job of raising your family. Carver and Gannon and all the other grand children will grow up seeing this example and be more likely to do it as they grow up to adults.

  2. Your family is so awesome! Our forecast in NWest iowa is rain and 50 also. I haven’t bought any annuals for around the landscape…..they are happier at the greenhouse! Heehee! Hope Kramer can come home today! Drive safe!

  3. You have the best family including your son in laws! I am sure that you could handle all you need to do without all of the kids helping, but, boy, they sure help you accomplish more than you could alone!

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Wow – so nice to get that done and what a great job! Thanks Craig – a man of all abilities :)

  5. I’m having fun imagining all the flowers that that will get planted there… thanks to all your hard work. It might be cool, but that burst of color by your house will look great and so inviting! Love your family!

  6. What a great story and lots of outside work completed. Makes a body feel good. I know what you mean by being cold and not ready to plant. It is still cold here in northern Ontario and the trees still have not leafed, although we do have big buds. I would love to plant flowers, but at this rate I think I will not get them in until June and for the short time before fall hits…. well, not sure what I will do. You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  7. Family is great! I am sure the beautiful landscaping will make you smile everytime you look at it. Keep going Jo. You can do this.

  8. How thoughtful of Craig to suggest that project. It’s now to a point you can more easily handle it, and it won’t be a thing Kramer looks at when he’s home and feels bad about not doing. What a wonderful guy, and such a great project to have moved to an easier stage.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Great in laws are the best! Your children were raised right cause they picked good spouses. I would like to be able to raise flowers the only ones I can are the ones that volunteer to grow. Like the wild flowers

  10. Can I borrow Craig and Carver? They (and you!) did a beautiful job. If it ever stops raining, I might get to my own landscaping!!!

  11. Not complaining, but it was 80 degrees here at 8 o’clock this morning with a heat index of 100 for the afternoon. Still way better than the 12” of rain we got last Tuesday! So glad Craig was able to help with the side bed. What did Kalissa pick up for dinner?

  12. So glad Craig volunteered to help get the beds done. That picture of the 2 boys is priceless. Carver is just too adorable and yes he worked hard.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

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