Monday at the House

The work at the house continued on…more floor sanding.

After my 10 hours of sanding I was SO-SO-Happy to say that the main floor was all done except the corners.  Those can be done after our rental time on the big equipment has expired.  It was HAPPY DANCE time.

(sorry the photos have the “spots” in them-it’s the dust particles)  Doesn’t it look wonderful.  I sure think so!!


Originally the boards all looked like the dark part in the floor in the picture below.  That’s our bedroom floor and it needs a lot of attention yet!


Tomorrow the plan is to tackle the rest of the upstairs.  All of the rooms except our bedroom had the first sanding finished.  They’ll need two more sandings.

The best news of all yesterday was that our kitchen cabinets were delivered!!  I am so happy about that!!

This is just a portion of them.

Word is that today the carpenters will show up and install them.  Now if the cupboards get installed AND I get the upstairs floors finished, a lot of happy dancing will be going on!

Stay tuned, I promise an update.

15 thoughts on “Monday at the House”

  1. Those floors are looking fantastic – well done to you and all your family for all the hard work you have put into making your new house your *home* :)

  2. You should be proud of yourself and your family as well! The floors are starting to look fantastic and all your hard work is really paying off. Your home will really be “yours” after all the labor your have put into it. It is going to be lovely. The area showing through the front room all the way to the kitchen is going to be so open and the floors will be amazing! I can’t wait to see it finished and I’m sure you can’t even more!

  3. Thank you for bringing us along on your incredible journey! The move is getting nearer all the time! The floors look fantastic!

  4. I am amazed at how much you have done on the house in what is really a short time and only part time at that! You are doing an incredible job on this beautiful home that your family will enjoy for decades! It is going to be stunning!

  5. Oh My Goodness! The floors are just beautiful! I have been so fascinated with your remodeling and look forward each day to see the pictures of your progress. Yours is usually the first or second email I go to, to see what’s happening each day. Thank you for sharing pictures of all your hard work. You are blessed to have such wonderful kids who help you also. Hats off to them!!

  6. so so so jealous of the hardwood floors! My home is wall-to-wall carpet, even in the master bathroom! UGH UGH. Only the kitchen, main bath, and laundry room are sans carpet, but they have horrible linoleum instead. I want an old farmhouse with all that charm :)

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