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The other day UPS dropped off a big box of fabric from Moda.  The fabric was awesome but something in the box made me especially happy.  They included this…

Color cards of Moda fabrics!!  We are in love.  We had a color of the Bella Solids and have loved it.  In fact, the card has caused a discrepancy a time or two.  It seems when I want the card it’s at Kelli’s house and when she wants it it’s at my house.  Now we both can have one.  Did you know they have so many different solid colors that I can’t even get the card in a whole picture??


I just love playing with the colors!!

They also sent us a card of Moda Marbles.  We just love working with the marbled fabrics too.


I have to say…my favorite card was the Essential Dots card.

There aren’t quite as many dots but plenty to give me a smile.


I gotta say…I am a little worried that we might need another Moda Marble and another Essential Dot Card.  I have a feeling we’re going to be fighting over these too.

2 thoughts on “Moda Cards”

  1. I just got a Bella and a Kona card this week! My daughter has asked me to make a two-color herringbone quilt out of solids … I’ve never worked with solids and she had some strong ideas on what colors she wanted, so I decided to order cards so we could get a good idea of just what to buy. I can’t believe how much fun I had poring over the pretty colors. I think I’ll order a Marbles card, too … I prefer them when wanting something that will read as a solid.

  2. Moda Essential Dots … I think I just fell in love. I have been using a lot of “Dimples” and now I know where to find the dots I love.


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