Moda Bake Shop Day: Step Up

Hooray!!  It’s a Moda Bake Shop day!!  It’s a giveaway day too!  Our friends at Fat Quarter Shop have a special prize for one of our readers.  Keep reading and I’ll tell you about the giveaway soon.  First off, here’s our quilt!


We are calling the quilt Step Up.  The design came to me when I was in the shower one day.  Amazingly, the shower has been where several quilt design ideas have come to me.  I wanted something simple and this was it.  All you do is sew two strips to a square…of course it’s not quite that easy…but close.   You can find the complete free pattern over at Moda Bake Shop.


The quilt ended up really big, 84″ x 100″.  Kelli and I just have trouble making anything small.  You can easily make yours smaller by taking off a row.

For the quilting motif I played and played around hoping to come up with some that looked like paw prints being the fabric line is “Here Boy”.

We used this fabric from the line for the backing….cute, right??

Our quilt will be donated to the Humane Society for their next fund raising event.  We hope it brings in some money to help some needy dogs.

I love when simple designs come together and look cute like this quilt.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

So are you wondering what the Fat Quarter Shop is going to give one of my lucky readers….How about jelly roll of your choice??  That sounds great to me!

If you want a chance to win, just leave a comment telling what organization or group you volunteer for.  We’ll pick a winner next week!

Today I am hooking up with Michelle’s Romantic Tangle,  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

223 thoughts on “Moda Bake Shop Day: Step Up”

  1. For 3 years, I made little quilts for Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative until they surpassed the $1 Million mark. I make quilts for Greyhound Pets of America – MN, a greyt group who find greyt homes for retired racing greyhounds. I also knit umbilical cord hats for newborns at my hometown hospital.

  2. I’m not able to volunteer but I sew quilts for Project Linus, I also crochet Prayer Shawls for our church ministry.

  3. I volunteer at a barn helping to care for the horses. Just getting to spend time with them is so relaxing and peaceful. C

  4. Vicki McCormick

    I make quilt for the disability and needs board for handycapped babies and pillow cases for Ronald McDonald house.

  5. I am a volunteer for Boy Scouts. I am a committee chairman and participate on outings, bike trips, hiking when needed. I enjoy seeing the boys grow as leaders. Both of my sons are Eagle Scouts. Even though both of them are no longer in scouts my husband and I continue because it is a great program for boys.

  6. I can’t physically go out and volunteer for an organization but do make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, and cat and dog beds for the local shelters.

  7. Since I worked for 40 years in the school district, I volunteer with the little ones — helping them with math and reading. Started working with my great niece’s kindergarten class and followed her class right through 5th grade. Now she is in 8th grade and they really don’t use volunteers as much in the middle schools so I am call for younger classes and fieldtrips.

  8. Gorgeous quilt! Definitely going to give this one a try :)
    I volunteer to the MultiLit and resources programmes at my children’s school – children’s reading and writing is a passio! And also make and donate quilts to auction for TOMG’s Aussie Farmer Relief and Pink Ribbon events :)

  9. I used to volunteer at a local homeless shelter but since then I became disabled. I try to help out by just helping people around me when I’m able with food, clothing, or just listening. I am fairly new to sewing so maybe soon I can contribute more this way too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I recently took in a feral kitten that the Animal Care Council is taking. We had to bottle feed her. I took her to the vets to give her a good start and got her to be friendly and litter box trained. I wished I could have kept her.

  11. I sew lap quilts for hospice patients. I have also organized and sewed with my guild members over 100 placemats at Easter time for the Meals on Wheels participants in our county. It is fun to make smaller quilts and projects to give to others. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  12. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to make a quilt for charity as of yet. I have sent a donation, although small to Quilts for Kids, and I have been a volunteer in some way with my daughter’s ever changing Girl Scout troop. I am currently working on a special quilt for a family member. I hooe to be able to reveal it after Christmas….if it’s done. I have loved reading the posts from Joe and Kelly. And the house is looking great! Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love your quilts!

  13. I volunteer with our church. I often have made quilts for various charity auctions. I love your blog and Moda is my go to choice for quilt fabrics.

  14. I’m going to be doing some stuff for Relay for Life, but have donated quilts for Quilts of Valor and Quilts of Honor, and made pillowcases for ConKer. Cute quilt! Thanks.

  15. I just have to say how wonderful and heartwarming it is to read about all the volunteer efforts that people are involved in. From kids, to the homeless, to animals, to schools and all over. Thank you everyone.

  16. I volunteer in my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom. There are always little ones that love having someone to listen to them read and give some extra attention!

  17. I sew for 2 Threads of Love blankets for the preemie babies and for Christ Child thru my church. The blankets are very simple and for Threads they are only 24″ square. Christ Child are a little bigger they are 36″ square.

  18. My volunteer work is done at our church. I teach 2 and 3 year olds and help with the women’s group. I wanted to let you know that I love the quilt design and printed it out right away so that I can get started soon.

  19. I am now living in a small town (barely a city) and I haven’t found any organization to be a volunteer for yet. I would love to participate in a food bank; but, there doesn’t seem to be any active banks here. I hope to foster dogs as soon as we get a fence put up.

  20. I volunteer at our local hospital in the Care Core. Greeting and helping direct visitors, helping in the day surgery area, and even some office work for the volunteer coordinator.

  21. I volunteer at our church as Financial Secretary & am the Secretary for my quilt guild. Love this quilt & think it would be a fun first quilt for my 12 year old granddaughter to make. Thanks for the free pattern.

  22. Most of my volunteer time goes to Camp Norwesca, which is a United Methodist church camp. I try to spend a week a summer helping out, I serve on the Site Council, and I make items for their fall silent auction fundraiser. I would LOVE another jelly roll. . . since you have blessed us with so many CUTE jelly roll patterns!

  23. I volunteer at our church on a regular basis and also at our local school. But I love sewing quilts for charity events for their fundraising efforts.

  24. There is a group of ladies in Bellingham that make lap quilts for the Chemotherapy Infusion center. One of the gals named Bonnie passed away in 2001 from cancer. Our local Fabric Etc. store donates batting and backing for each participant for a lap quilt every year and members make the quilts for donation. This group is called “Bonnie’s Team”. I have made a quilt for the past 2 years. A free Jelly Roll could make a couple of cute lap quilts. I love the “Step Up” Quilt.

  25. I volunteer at our local hospital and am also lucky enough to quilt with a wonderful group of friends who meet twice monthly to make charity quilts.

  26. I don’t really belong to a group or organized charity but I kind of started my own. My local fabric shop gave me some scraps of flannel and a whole bolt that was printed wrong and they couldn’t sell it. So I decided to make scrappy rag quilts for our local highway patrol officers and tow truck drivers to carry. We are on a major interstate and in the snowy months have a lot of accidents and breakdowns. I felt like if I made these blankets that they could be given to small children to warm them. Most people that travel are not really prepared for cold weather. I have made over 20 of these blankets and hope that they help sooth the distress related to these accidents and breakdowns. You can see them on my blog.

  27. I make raffle quilts for my husband’s Kiwanis group. They support children in the local community by providing scholarships, donating books to school libraries, reading to children and sponsoring clubs in elementary, middle, and high schools to build leadership skills at each level.

  28. For about 3 years I worked at Intermountain Therapy Animals, founders of the Reading Education Assistance Dogs. They are a very worthwhile non-profit and even though I no longer work there, I still support them. Love your quilts! and thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I volunteer and help out with our local hospital auxiliary when they have their fundraising events. I have also contributed some quilts to victims of tragic events. Over the last few years I sent quilt blocks to contribute to make quilts for cancer patients, orphans, and animal shelters (blankets).

  30. I volunteer with our local Kiwanis Club. Kiwanis is an international organization whose first priority is helping children.

  31. Now that we are retired, we are enjoying volunteering for a few different organizations. We deliver Mobile Meals on Fridays, and work in the kitchen of the local community shelter on Thursdays. I am working on some throw sized quilts to donate for the christmas auctions at our local hospital. Not enough hours in the days! Not sure how we had time to work! :)

  32. I just moved so I’ve not chosen a place yet. I think I will take part in the after school clubs at the elementary school in our neighborhood. The are asking for ladies to help with students learning to sew. I am making a quilt for our wounded soldiers at the base in our area. I’m glad to say that the quilt guild here is very active in the community so I see opportunities coming!

  33. Hi , I love watching you make those quilts and teaching all of us, I have been teaching myself how to quilt and you make it so easy to learn, I have always wanted to make quilts for cancer patients and there families after I made one for my family, now I am hoping I will have the time to make a special one for each of my children my hubby and sisters brother and mom before return to our Lord. So with that do dying people count as a charity? because I love that quilt.. Just kidding, not about dying that at 51 yrs I am doing, but about that beautiful quilt. I know there are so many beautiful people that need that more then I do. You are a GOD sent angle to do what you do. and I just wanted to thank you and all the others who give the needy and dying that beautiful warm hug that says you are love and not forgotten called a quilt. So with out further rambling. thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart, and may GOD bless all of you always for everything you do for his children, and your brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

  34. Karen in Breezy Point

    I donate quilts to QOV, as well as long arm quilting some tops. I also make placemats for Meals on Wheels, and Christmas stockings for kids at the women’s shelter.

  35. I volunteer at my church’s food bank.
    In the past I made 6 large bed-sized quilts which were given to two different charities-an abused women’s shelter and a homeless men’s shelter. One of these quilts I made was showcases at my guild’s meeting about charity quilting!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  36. i teach Sunday SChool at our church and serve on our christian ed board. Our church does a food drive every month besides a loose change offering to help church member on our mission trip.

  37. I am part of a quilting group at our church called “Fabric of Faith.” We make quilts to comfort people going through sickness or death of a family member, etc.

  38. I volunteer with a group that makes quilts comfort quilts for church members. We also make quilts for baptisms and graduations.

  39. Love the quilt. I donate to Relay for Life, Linus & Quilts for Kids. I also make quilts for family and friends who are going through tough times and need a little comfort. Delivered one of these quilts last week to a friend of my ex-daughter-in-law. The friend has had surgery on her spine for tumors and has surgery coming up for tumors in her head. Right now I have a quilt started for a friend who was diagnosed with leukemia and is not doing the best. Love the feeling of knowing someone I care about is comforted by something I made.

  40. Janinne Garrett

    I am a volunteer clerk at a local physical therapy office. I received care there, before and after a double shoulder issue and got to know and like the people who work there. When they got approval for a volunteer, they asked me if I’d be interested.

  41. I volunteer at woman’s training organization where I teach Excel & Word and other marketable skills. I also volunteer at a church and help with their free meals. Thanks for the chance to win. I could use a jelly roll. I’ve also included your giveaway on my Giveaway List for sewers & quilters at Thanks again.

  42. Great quilt!! I volunteer with a few groups at our school and with a group of ladies that make quilts to comfort people going through illness or a death in the family. In the summer my son and I volunteer teaching the first graders at our local summer library program :) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  43. I volunteer at my boys’ school doing math remediation and shelving books in the library. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Hi I make a child’s quilt for our Festival of Trees for our Palliatiive Care fundraiser for our local hospital. I’ve also donated quilts to other community fundraisers. I’m also a member of our local Fire and Rescue group which fund raises for our fire and rescue services to ensure they all have the equipment they need.
    Love your blog and patterns. Elaine Alberta

  45. I volunteer at the Middle School 1/2 block from my house. This age group needs all the love and support one can give. I quilt for babies born at a military hospital, Madigan Army Medical Center. GO ARMY!

  46. I have volunteered for our local PAWS organization, sewing Christmas stockings with the dogs’ names, Wayside Waifs animal shelter (a no kill shelter), and most recently stitched embroidered tea towels for our missionaries.

  47. I volunteer with a book sale held annually at a local church. All proceeds go to local charities and we sort books for a big part of the year. I help with sorting, organizing, setting up the sale and working the days of the sale. I really enjoy doing working with this book sale.

  48. The guild I belong donates quilts to Safe Nest (domestic abuse shelter), QOV, and other groups as well as making pet beds for one of the local animal shelters. I have quilted several quilts for the guild, including a couple from the Heartstrings group.

  49. I volunteer for our local Bridges program. It supplies basic needs for kids so that they can concentrate on school instead of where their next meal, or coat or bed is coming from.

  50. Oh what a lovely idea — and the backing fabric is great! I love to sew for kids in need and donate to many places including Dress A Girl Around the World and Operation Christmas Child.

  51. Thank you for supporting our animal shelters/Humane Societys. I have two rescue “Grand dogs” in my family and they are so special to me.
    I volunteer as a seamstress for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in my city, repairing clothing, sewing boxer shorts, replacing clothing zippers, etc for our veterans undergoing care.
    I’d love the Moda Jelly roll in Be Jolly to make a wall hanging for my sewing space at this facility, just so our veterans can crack a smile when they see it greeting them at my door.

  52. I am a mentor for a needy child in the local school district. I’m also a blood donor that gives one pint every 56 days, even though I HATE needles!

  53. I volunteer in our school district and for my son’s High School marching band! We won state again for the 10th year in a row! It a great program and makes a big difference in the kids’ lives. About 1/4 of the high school participates in our marching band program. Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. I can’t wait to start making more quilts to be able to donate some to those in need. Currently I volunteer with my church.

  55. I sew quilts, pillowcases, adult bibs, and other items for my guild’s numerous outreach programs including Navy/Marine Corps Relief, Hospice, Women’s Shelter, Seniors needs, and others.

  56. Generally I don’t like to talk about what I volunteer for, but we pass out food baskets in the winter. Have a great day.

  57. health wise I can’t volunteer, but I can sit and sew.
    I recently passed on 73 crib / twin size quilts to be used at
    Ronald McDonald house.
    and I am continuing to make more for the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown, IA

  58. I sew and donate quilts to the local home for Battered Women. This allows me to do what I love most. The hospital gets the pillowcases for the children.

  59. I volunteer to look after elderly ladies who don’t have any near by relatives and could become isolated and lonely. I| take them shopping or our for tea and cake or just for a car ride. It’s only a few hours a week and is very rewarding as these old ladies tell me such wonderful stories of their past and I feel honoured to be told. I have also learned lots of money-saving tips from them and how to do many household chores more efficiently. It’s a lovely day out for us all.

  60. MDA’s local chapter in honor of a little girl that has muscular dystrophy. She is a sweet little girl that has stolen my heart!

  61. A requirement of my quilt guild is to make at least one quilt each year for a child with cancer. The quilts are given to the children when they attend a camp for kids with cancer..

  62. I make quilts to auction off at our church dinner, and teach music to the church kids as well. I also volunteer with TTT, a women’s club that sends 4th grade girls to camp.

  63. I volunteer at my kids’ school, working in the library and with the fire department with my local CERT team. My family and I also foster dogs waiting to be adopted- a fabulous way to “try out” having a pet dog for anyone who is interested…

  64. I teach sewing to inner city kids at the community, teach sewing at the local homeschool co-op, read to kids at the elementary school, and sew bereavement gowns for my local sewing guild,

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