Mitered Corner Blocks from Shirts

So my daughter Kayla has been taking a grad school class…and playing with fabric.  Lucky for us, it’s actually a great combination.

Kayla is a Family Consumer Sciences teacher Marion, Iowa.  She’s a great teacher and is always looking for ways to integrate technology into the classroom.  Kayla is a bit techie herself and knows that students especially love technology…so it’s a win-win.  She uses it and the kids love it.

On her quest for college she took a grad class that taught her how to “make movies”.  She learned about voice overs, adding music and all the other things you need to know to make a video.  At the same time, at her house, Kayla was playing with shirts making these mitered corner blocks.


Aren’t they cute blocks?  She made them all from cotton shirts.

As she was taking the class and making the blocks at the same time she decided to practice what she was learning in class and make a video of how to make the blocks.  Feel free to give it a viewing.

I think she did an excellent job on both the blocks and the video.

I happened to have moved a BIG pile of cotton shirts…once I’m settled I just might have to give these a try.

24 thoughts on “Mitered Corner Blocks from Shirts”

  1. Awesome…anxious to try this. Will you be making it available as a tab to that we can easily refer back to it? Going look for more shirts no my trips to the thrift store :)

  2. Great video! I like the idea of repurposing the shirt material and making the blocks for a future project. Can’t wait to see how you work them into a quilt! Thanks!

  3. I loved this video. Broken down into very easy steps and the stripes in the blocks make it look like it would be very complicated. Thank you

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