Missing My Goal

Lately in order to get the things done that I want to do and still and get a chance to sew I’ve been trying to set a goal.  Each night at 9:00 I’ve been trying to quit whatever I am doing and sew until 9:30 pm with a goal of being lights out at 10 pm.  So this is what the clock looked like earlier this week when I finally got the things I needed to get done finished…. 9:20.  UGH.

Is is really even worth trying to sew….YES.  10 minutes is 10 minutes and I’m not going to give them up.


So I plopped myself down at the machine and….you guessed it.   Empty bobbins.  Not a single bobbin was full except three with black thread.

As much as I wanted to just pop a bobbin in and not worry about it, I couldn’t.  There’s enough white in these blocks that it’s just not a good choice.


So my 10 minutes ended up being 10 minutes of filling bobbins.  YUCK…and then while the bobbins where filling I got sidetracked and before I knew it the clock read 10:10….Lights out didn’t happen at 10 pm.  For that matter, they didn’t happen at 10:30 either….

I think I am going to have to rework my goal.  I didn’t meet it even once last week.  I did squeeze in a few 15 minute sessions but lights out didn’t happen until closer to 11 pm.  I keep thinking much of my late night stuff will even out as time passes.  I’m still adjusting to the new house and new job.

Oh well…Luckily goals are just made to be adjusted.

3 thoughts on “Missing My Goal”

  1. Jo, I know just how you feel! But I’ve found that the more I keep working at it, the better I get. My problem was making myself go to bed at night. I’ve been a night-owl all my life, but as I’ve gotten older I just can’t stay up till the wee hours and still be chipper the next day. So now I have a night-time routine that gets me in bed no later than 11. At first I didn’t have a lot of success, but lately I make it more nights than not :*)

  2. Filling bobbins is part of sewing……without it, no sewing will be done! :)
    You are now ready for the next step!

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