Missing Kids…

One of the reasons I decided to give childcare a try again was because I missed kids.  There is just something refreshing about kids and makes me smile.  Kids don’t show their baggage like adults.  They don’t have questionable motives.  They aren’t out to hurt…they are simply entertaining.

It turns out that I don’t think I am the only one in the family that missed kid interaction.  Friday Kelli came in the morning so she could get a little dose of kids.

Even though it was really cold Kelli voluntarily bundled up and and played on the snow mountain. (It was my idea but she didn’t fight it at all.)


Kalissa ended up coming over in the afternoon.  She got roped into playing puppet show.  The poor girl had the worst time getting her hands into the puppets but she did it.

I love my little puppet theater.  I took a small sized spring tension rod and made a curtain for it.  We put the tension rod between two of the pillars between the office and dining room.  It is exactly the right height and has become a big hit.  It’s nice too because the dining room table chairs can easily be turned so that there is quick easy seating for the audience (me).

The girls ended up entertaining the kids so much that we even forgot that we were going to make play dough…we decided we’d save that activity for Monday.

I have to say..the kids I have in childcare right now are a complete joy.  Hubby and my girls all agreed that we’d happily clone the hours, parents and the kids…there isn’t a half hour that passes that I don’t smile, chuckle or find myself doing a big belly laugh.  There’s just something kids have that can do that for me.

I love it and it seems Kelli and Kalissa do too!  I think we all missed having kiddos around to make us smile.

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