Miserable Week Part #2

If you didn’t read the morning post, please read it first.  You can find it HERE.
As of my writing this post, I know no more information about our grandson Gannon.  If I find anything out it will be in a post tomorrow morning.

Kramer had a bad week as well.  For those of you catching up, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in January.  Monday was the start of his chemo and radiation schedule.

Monday went okay.  We met with his PA before chemo which we’ll do every week.  She asked how he was doing and we said that we had felt like Kramer was going downhill….his breathing and shortness of breath were concerning to us.  She noted that and added that to his notes.  She suggested having respiratory therapy have a look at him.  We scheduled that for later in the week.

Radiation is quick…the people helping him are awesome.  He has no complaints at all about the people helping him.

Chemo was longer….He actually fell asleep during it.

Tuesday a friend of ours drove him.  He got home in the afternoon and was noticeably pooped. Then Wednesday morning…it was even worse.  The breathing was worse.  The shortness of breath was worse.

We called in….  They were worried he might have a blood clot so I needed to take him.  We cancelled the scheduled person.  I called Kelli to come and she came and finished childcare.  She had already been at my house Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon helping out.  So Wednesday morning she was back.

We left for Lacrosse…We met with his PA.  She moved up the appointment with respiratory therapy.  Kramer ended up being told he needed to be on oxygen while he was moving around.  If he was sitting, he didn’t need it.  She also decided to have an echocardiogram done the next day.

This is when we started having concerns about Gannon too.

At home that night, Kramer started using his oxygen.  He felt some better but was concerned.  He started feeling better using oxygen full time.  So back to the doctor on Thursday for the echocardiogram and follow up on how he felt.

We kept things the same but by Friday, we were concerned.  We got the echocardiogram test results call and it was hard to understand.  Kramer had headaches all through the week that were unexplained.  It was all confusing as even with the oxygen, he felt short of breath.  We felt like he was going downhill.

Through this all Kramer has had headaches and there’s a nagging pain he has when he coughs on his right side.  He’s also started having trouble sleeping.

The current plan is to give him meds to help him relax and not feel oxygen starved.  The hope is that the meds will be an overall umbrella for managing the symptoms.

Kelli was here and managed childcare all week except Tuesday.  Kayla came Friday and helped.  She was scheduled to drive Kramer on Friday but after all the “stuff” came up, she felt more comfortable if I went so if there were questions I could better answer them.  I’d have been lost without our girls.

People have said I should just take off childcare.  I can’t.  My families need care.  Financially I can’t.  Most of all, I need the normalcy of it all.  The kids are so great when they come and say, “Joey, I misseded you!”..then give me a big hug.

So far, today is a bit of a better day healthwise for Kramer.  I’m hoping this is the med he needed to balance things out and take care some of the problems he’s been dealing with.

As for the coming week…I’m taking Monday off from childcare.  With Gannon in the hospital, and us needed to be in Lacrosse at 7 am we thought it best.  We’ll hit the ground fresh on Tuesday then.

In the meantime my today has been a series of updated pictures and messages about Gannon.

Right now all of our thoughts and worries are with him.

What a week it’s been.  It’s certainly not at all what I expected.  We need a better week next week.

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  1. Get his hemoglobin checked. A low hemoglobin can cause shortness of breath.( Not enough red blood cells for the oxygen to catch on to ). He may need a blood transfusion. My dad needed this when he had lung cancer. Just a thought.

  2. Janice K Mulford

    If he feels anxious about feeling the lack of air, a chairside or bedside fan sometimes helps. As a retired Hospice nurse, I found that sometimes it was effective in relieving the anxiety as well as providing relief.

  3. Just to let you know , my nephew has Hirschsprungs disorder and he is a beautiful healthy teenager. He needed care when young, post operation, and any gastric disorder was a signal for immediate medical intervention, but he is fine so whilst this time is agonising, you will and he will come through.

  4. Oh my gosh! This is just so awful for all of you! Thank goodness you have such a wonderful family to help when/where needed. Sending BIG prayers to Roger and Gannon and to all who love them. HUGS!

  5. Dear Jo,
    My heart is with you tonight. Your family is really going through a very difficult and uncertain time. I believe in bringing our needs before God in prayer, and will pray for each of you. Life is not always easy and at times it’s painful, but God has not abandoned you.

  6. I can’t even imagine. We’ve got cancer and major chronic illness to deal with. But a baby!! Adding huge prayers for all! And God bless your daughters!!-❤

  7. Jo, Kramer, Gannon, and the family… my heart goes out to you all. I am keeping everyone in my prayers. Thank you Jo, for keeping us updated with these health issues. I hope you are taking care of yourself too, as much as you can. God Bless.

  8. That poor baby and your poor husband! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family dur this rough time.

  9. Oh Jo my heart hurts for you and your family. I’m so glad your girls are there to help out. Let them help while you take care of yourself. You will be no help to anyone if you go down.

    May you feel God’s loving arms surround you during this difficult time. Prayers for Gannon, Roger and your entire family.

    One family shouldn’t be given so much at one time.
    Hugs, prayers and positive vibes coming your way.

  10. Sandra Davidson

    I think cancer is so scary for everyone. I know for me joining a cancer group really helped. It was talking to people who you could tell anything to would understand but not get upset about it. We always want to protect our families.
    I hope that thing will settle down some for Kramer and also that wee baby will be better.
    Hugs and prayers for all of you. Sandra’s

  11. Prayers for everyone in your family, from the oldest big man all the way down to the youngest little man and for you Jo the Grandmother all the way down to the youngest Grand Daughter. Your all in my daily prayers and will continue to be, even after all of your problems are behind you! I keep forgetting to say a BIG SHOUT OUT to Kramer for the job well done on quitting smoking! It’s a feat that I have not beaten yet. Love to you all!

  12. May the Blood of Christ cover your entire family with His Speedy Healing and Peace, in Jesus Name We Pray. Amen.

  13. What a hectic week you and your family have had, prayers that the next week brings some peace, some answers for Gannon and Kramer. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  14. Dear Heavenly Father,You are the mighty healer, protector, and most gracious God. Be with this family as they come together to worship you and follow your Waze. Will be with Gannon‘s surgeons nurses respiratory therapist and mother and father let them both find strength and courage in you. Please give Jo the courage and strength and the grace to trust in you and take care of her husband ,her children, grandchildren and the daycare. Please god give them all peace of mind and the energy to perform their duties each day. We know you were an Almighty God , that with never for sake us and will never leave our family.

  15. Love, prayers, and blessings to all your family! Trust and believe miracles do happen. I am a walking miracle cancer survivor of 2 years next month. I had a rare aggressive cancer that only 1% of the nation gets. Through the love and prayers of family and friends I am cancer free! I do believe in the power of prayers! My prayers are going out for the whole family right now! May God Bless you All and surround you with his calm and peace! Amen, thank you Jesus!

  16. Jo, you and your family have amazing strength. I am praying for all of you to feel the Lord’s hand in these awful health related times. Your blog follower Carol is so right and I hope you will set up a go fund me page. There are many of us who would contribute.

  17. Vickie Jennings

    Please call Tampa General Hospital, they have been using a drug that has had so much success with lung cancer patients, even those in stage 4. Tampa General Hospital, Oncology department, Tampa, Florida, or have your husband’s oncologist call them.

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