Baby Sister Twister

Remember the Twister quilt I was working on last week….
Well….here’s its’ baby sister.
I took all the scraps from the large one and cut them to be 4.5″ square.  Then I sewed them together and added 3.5″ borders. 
I put the mini version of the ruler on the intersection just like before.  I cut around around the ruler then assembled the pieces back together. 

I am hoping to get both of them in the quilting machine soon, but life seems to be plotting against me and not letting me sew much lately.

If you want more information about how this Twister quilt began check back to this entry….  I am off to try to get the quilt in the machine before everyone starts wondering what is for supper.

3 thoughts on “Baby Sister Twister”

  1. Quilt guild friends did this last week – what a great, fast and fun quilt used layer cake fab – Bobbi said she had it together in 4 hours
    love it – thanks

  2. What are the dimensions of the Lil’ Twister template? Was it hard to use the scrap squares of the larger quilt since they were on the bias?

    It looks so amazing and fun!

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