Miles and Miles

Last weekend I spent 12 hours traveling in a vehicle and it was totally worth it.

Saturday Kayla, Kelli and I hopped into the pickup with a plan-Destination Ila!!  If you’re a long time blog reader you might see that I sometimes mention Ila.  For several years now I’ve been really wanting to meet Ila.  She started out as just a blog reader and has morphed into being my friend…and really a friend to the whole family.  Ila lives Chicago way so we picked a spot and planned to meet at a quilt shop.

We started out early so we could stop at Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  (Watch for a tour of the shop tomorrow here on the blog.)  Then we were back on the road head towards Ila and Loose Threads in Milton, Wisconsin. (I was so excited to see Ila I forgot to take pictures there.)

We shopped, had lunch and let Ila spoil us.  What a lady!!  She had the girls and I laughing and laughing.   Too quickly lunch was over and we were back on the road.  This time the stop was at Whole Foods in Madison, Wisconsin.  Kayla wanted to show us around.  We had fun there too.

As we drove the girls kept saying…How is it in one hour or meeting that I can feel like Ila is my aunt??  I said she’s just that cool.  We had so much fun that we officially decided to adopt Ila.

We got home and enjoyed a supper Ila had sent with us (I told you she spoiled us) bed-up early and to the quilt show in Waucoma (pictures from that coming soon)…then on the road to Minnesota for my nieces baby shower.

She is so beautiful and a great mom.  As you can see she’s got a big blue bow on her belly and yes, she’s having a baby boy hopefully in a little less than a month.  I got to see other family too and am so happy I had a chance to.

The girls and I hopped back into the pickup and made the long drive home.  From there Kelli drove another half hour home and Kayla two hours….I don’t know how they did it as I was POOPED OUT!!

Oh…it was a LONG weekend but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Today I am thankful for my daughter Kayla.  I don’t get to see her as much as some of the other kids so when she’s home, I try to treasure it.  While traveling and talking I am reminded how talented she really is.  She has a gift with words, crafts and is a gifted teacher.  It’s fun to see her grown and making her own house her home.

3 thoughts on “Miles and Miles”

  1. Hi Jo – I met Ila the last time Bonnie was in Illinois. I mentioned on Quiltvillechat that I wanted to go see her. Ila said we could meet up for a bite to eat and I could go with her and a couple of her friends. I was nervous to go to a restaurant and not know who I was looking for. I had a wonderful time with Ila and her friends, so I know what you mean about her being a special lady. Sounds like you had a fun trip.

  2. Well, girls, I live waaayy down here in Tennessee, so I am afraid I will never be fortunate enough to meet with Ila face to face, but she has been a dear friend to me, via the internet, and I think you are right Kathy, she maybe is really an earth angel :) Thanks for taking us on your trip with you, Jo.. I live vicariously through your blog. You are amazing with everything you accomplish.

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