Mid Week House Progress

Midweek Hubby and went to town to work on the house hoping we’d accomplish what we didn’t accomplish last Sunday after his accident.  It was actually quite comical to see us working.  I am a good help with destructing.  I am not a very good help at constructing.

He wanted to get the basement door built as that is what he was working on when he cut his hand.  My job was to use the drill to screw the screws….Oh I am poor at this.  Hubby of course is a pro but with his injured hand, he thought I could maybe handle part of the work.  What a joke.  I did about half of the screws working until he didn’t have any other work to do so he just said, “How about I finish up?”  He did the other half in about a quarter the amount of time.

But we managed.  The basement cellar door is finished.


It isn’t pretty or even nice.  That’s okay though, we only need it to last through the spring.  Then we’ll be removing that part of the house.

We put a chain up to hold the door open.


So far, I fell down these steps and hurt myself..then Hubby cut his finger while constructing the door.  I will not shed a tear when this portion of the house just gets ripped off.  In fact, I’m sure I’ll just drink a toast!!

It was a good night of work though…we finally both felt like we accomplished something!

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  1. It’s never easy trying to remodel, paint or just work on a house, is it? We have all the new flooring for our house – it’s been sitting here in the living room for about 3 weeks – could remodeling being a major cause for divorce? ;-) LOL!

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