Microwave Cabinet that Wasn’t

So Hubby and I finished the microwave cabinet.  It’s done, finished and in place.  You might remember that we originally thought to mix paint and stain.  The drawers were going to be stained along with the drawers-the rest was going to be chalk painted to match the island.

Well we ended up not happy with the stain.  On the wainscoting doors we couldn’t get the paint out of the cracks good enough and the drawers were stained but we didn’t like the look and decided paint the whole thing.  I’m glad we did.  Here’s the reveal:


After we had it in place we both marveled.  Hubby asked me if I still had the beginning picture.  I did and showed it to him.

It’s hard to believe it was the same piece.  He was impressed all over again.  He praised my painting and I praised his work.  Then we decided right there and then we really are a good team…not just in marriage but woodwork too.

Here’s the funny part of it all.  Even though we originally wanted this for a microwave cabinet I rejected that idea.  I put the microwave on the counter in the laundry room for now at least.  I hate the microwave.  It takes up too much space and I (maybe) use it once a day or so.  It’s not worth taking up prime “real estate” on my kitchen counters.

The kids had fun making fun of Hubby and I.  They keep telling us that they can’t believe we can continually find more cabinets and find more places to put them.  I think we are done in the laundry and the kitchen now.  It’s kind of bittersweet.  Both of us love the hunt and love working on projects like this..but alas, we’ll have not other places to put them in the kitchen.

So now, here’s how the kitchen looks.  This is when we first moved in….


and this is now.trim is up….


We added the window shelves for my plants.

Childcare has taken over my refrigerator….and the childcare table is in place.  I’m so thankful that the kitchen is big enough so that we can keep the table in the kitchen.


The laundry room is small and it the doorway on the left…this is the table where we eat regular meals along with two more cabinets…the big wooden one on the left is my “pantry”….


The one way back on the right is where I store all of the childcare games and puzzles.  The door leads out into the garage.  The hooks on the very back wall are coat hangers for the childcare kids.


For the most part, we’re done in this area.  The hall tree where we keep our coats will be going away as Hubby bought a new (antique actually) set of coat hooks that mount on the wall.  I’m anxious for that update.  I think its going to make things look much cleaner.

Just past the partial wall on the left is the bathroom.  I love having it there right as Hubby comes in.

All of this area that I am showing is what we added on to the house.  The addition was 24′ x 28′.  People often ask how big my kitchen is but it’s really hard to know how to answer that as it flows together and is really open.  Does the pantry cabinet and table count in that area?

One last look at the microwave cabinet….


Even though this isn’t actually “housing” the microwave I think it will always be called “the microwave cabinet”…just like the cabinet that is my pantry is called “the white cupboard”.  It was originally white and we stripped it.  Strange I know.  We’re an odd bunch.

We have another cabinet in the garage that is in about the same shape only slightly bigger.  It doesn’t have drawers though.  We are now debating if we want to put the work into it and finish like this with the hope to sell it…or if we should simply sell it as a old junkie primitive piece.

So that’s the kitchen update and the finish of the microwave cabinet…onto another project.  Oh…one more note:  A blog reader asked me if Hubby is like me and has several projects going on at once.  The answer is YES!  Usually he has about three projects he’s working on.  Like me he likes having several projects going so he can work on them as time allows….If his feet are tired he likes to sit and sand a project…if he has a few minutes he might put two drawer pulls on one night.  He, like me, uses his time wisely.  I think this is one of the reasons we work so well together.

16 thoughts on “Microwave Cabinet that Wasn’t”

  1. The cabinet turned out great!! Looks like it’s always been in the kitchen and fits in perfectly. If you ever get tired of going to the other room to use the microwave, you could look into a microwave that mounts over your stove, in place of the range hood.

  2. The microwave cabinet turned out great! You and hubby are a great team!
    I love the hardware you put on. Is it antique hardware or new hardware that looks old?

  3. Your kitchen looks awesome. I love how you have kept your house looking so warm and welcoming. The kitchen is the heart of the house. I envy you your willingness to spend your time well rather than watching tv like I do.

  4. Love the cabinet. Have you ever used Chalk Paint on walls? My breezeway (between house and garage) is done in pine bead board. I was wondering if I could use chalk paint on that.

  5. Wow, your microwave cabinet turned out fantastic! The trim is gorgeous. Basically, your kitchen is awesome. I have one question: do you use the bins on your island? They are so cute, I’m wondering if they are as functional as they are cute?

    Also, you and your hubby do make a great team:)

    1. Yes. We use all the bins. One is for potatoes and onions…the other is for paper scraps and stuff the kids “make art projects” with.

  6. What a change. Nice job by both you and your husband. You two do make a great team, in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your microwave cabinet is absolutely lovely. I love all of your primitive pieces and cabinets – you can never have enough storage. I really love your total kitchen – its a great area and room for the family to gather.

  8. Thank you for the tour, Jo. I love your kitchen! Your child care kids will have such fond memories of time spent there with you. You are making wonderful memories with them. (AND you’re giving me ideas for MY kitchen!) hahaha


  9. Love your “microwave” cabinet. We added a large eating area onto our kitchen back in 2000. We still call it the “new” room.

  10. Love seeing what you do with the pieces you pick up. When I was a kid my mother who had no idea what she was doing refinished an antique farmer’s table but the varnish stayed tacky so the table was dubbed “the sticky table”. Years later the table was professionally refinished after a house fire and was no longer sticky. I now own the table but I will always call it the sticky table.

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