Mexican Meatloaf via the Crock Pot

First off-I am going to tell you straight up that this isn’t a food blog…that’s my warning to not expect fancy food pictures.

Kelli has recently been changing her food eating.  She just seems to feel better if she eats gluten’s not medically diagnosed, it’s just something that she has tried and seems to work.

In light of that, there are several foods that immediately seem off limits which can seem really frustrating.  Last weekend I found a Mexican Meatloaf recipe so we gave it a try hoping that we could find a meatloaf recipe that she could eat.

We forgot to take a picture of it all nice and in the crock pot.  We didn’t remember until we were packing some up in a pie tin so Kelli could take it home for Jason.


Anyway…be WAY encouraged that it tastes WAY better than it looks!!    Even though there aren’t many of us around here I still made the 4 pound batch.  Hubby is in the field and loves cold leftover meatloaf sandwiches. Here’s the recipe.

4 pounds of hamburger
2 cups coarsely crushed corn chips
2/3 cup taco sauce
4 T Taco Seasoning
2 beaten eggs
1 cup grated cheese

Mix all of the ingredients together.  Shape into a loaf.  Place in the crock pot on high for 4 hours.

Easy right?!?!
Our opinion on the meatloaf….as long as I can eat gluten, I like my regular recipe better with bread crumbs.  Typically I like my taco to taste like a taco and my brat to taste like a brat…but I still really liked it.  If Kelli is coming for a visit, I would definitely make it again.  If it’s me and Hubby…I’ll probably make my old recipe.

7 thoughts on “Mexican Meatloaf via the Crock Pot”

  1. The gluten-free factor may agree with Kelli, but the corn chips are no doubt made with GMO corn and studies are showing we’d be better off to avoid that too. More and more bad effects are showing up after ten years or so on the market. It’s almost impossible to avoid, but I try. Many countries have banned GMO crops and imports and I don’t think they would do that if it didn’t have known negative effects.

  2. So far, I don’t have to eat gluten free stuff. I make my meatloaf with Ritz (or the generic equivalent) cracker crumbs, a whole wrapped tube, crushed. My daddy always made it this way, and he was a great cook – I grew up eating lots of squirrel, rabbit, venison, duck, pheasant, etc. Anything he could kill, we’d eat!

    Hope Ruby is getting over her surgery and in top shape by now!!

  3. Ilene at Kitchener Quilter

    I feel better without gluten, too, and no diagnosis either. You can also use oatmeal ground into flour with your hand blender. Almond flour works as well. Always disappears at my house!

  4. I make my meatloaf with corn flake crumbs; but if I have cooked rice I use that. Try your original recipe with cooked rice.

  5. All I can say is YUM! I like meatloaf in many forms, as long as it isn’t spicy. I don’t do spicy. Yours looks yummy and cold sandwiches are my favorite!

  6. My daughter has become gluten intolerant and this looks like a great recipe that we will definitely try. We do a lot of substituting in regular recipes with GF Bisquick instead of AP flour and Red Mill oatmeal instead of regular oats. So far it’s worked out well every time.

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