Mexican Fried Zucchini

My zucchini plants are very busy. Try as I might to hand them out to unsuspecting soles, I still have an abundance. I’ve been eating zucchini most days for quite some time now. There just comes a time that a person had to become creative and come up with other ways to eat it rather straight-up fried it butter with an onion.

My son Karl lived with me for a year and half after my husband passed away. He always jokes that his favorite meal here that I make is what he calls “Sh*t in Pan”. That means I just take whatever I have and makeup something in one big pan. This is exactly that…Sh*t in a Pan that I need a better name for so I’m calling it Mexican Fried Zucchini…this is in no way originating from Mexico. It came straight from my head…but I love it.

Here’s what I did…
I took a zucchini and diced it. I put it in a pan with 3 Tablespoons of butter and one chopped onion. I happen to have some Little Smokie wieners that needed to be used so I sliced them and threw them in too. Next time I am going to fry a pound of pork sausage and add that in. As that cooked, you want the zucchini to soften, I opened a can of Peppers in Adobo Sauce.

I took two peppers out of the can…ONLY TWO…and chopped them up. Then added them to the zucchini. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it will add plenty of heat.

Then I added salt and pepper along with some Lime Juice. I’m guessing I likely added about 3 Tablespoons of that as well.

Then I added some shredded cheese over the top. I only had mozzarella so that’s what I used.

After that melted I scoop some up into a bowl. I drizzled Mexican Sour Cream over the top.

Then I added freshly chopped tomatoes over the top. I only had yellow ones ready in the garden. I ate it with tortilla chips. Karl had some in a tortilla shell.

I know it sounds a little unusual. I really have no idea how I came up with the idea but it’s a hit here!!

It’s really good. It does have some heat to it…but oh, I love it lots. I’ll for sure be having this a few more times while I still have zucchini and tomatoes….YUM!!

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  1. I made zucchini butterscotch bars today that were delicious and I’ve made a zucchini cobbler that tastes just like apple crisp. I think I got hot recipes from Facebook

      1. I have tried and tried and can’t read the job post. Please resend it, I can’t imagine you have time in your busy life to work at a “job”?

  2. That sounds good to me! I really like zucchini and reading a different way to fix it is always good. I had enough zucchini to make bread but didn’t want to make it right now so after grating it, I measured the amount needed for my recipe and put in freezer. My neighbor tells me this works great so I will see.

  3. Karin (Dick) Callander

    I made Barbara S’s blueberry/zucchini/lemon cake today, for our farewell friends (that was us) dinner. It was a BIG hit. Or maybe it was the side of vanilla ice cream from Blue Bell. I dunno, but there wasn’t much left at breakup time. My twins used to love my zucchini boats, when they were growing up. Basically, halve them lol wise, scoop out most of the pulp, leaving good “boats,” simmer, cut side down in a half inch of water till a bit soft. Flip over and dry off, fill with whatever browned ground meat is available, the scooped out bits of zucchini, mix with some cheese, like yours, whatever you have, onion and seasoning, top with more cheese and bake for a bit. Serve with sauteed potatoes or rice. Yummy.

  4. Marlene Clausen

    Families come up with the darndest names for food. My family loved a creamed chicken dish served on white rice which I detested. I started calling it Chicken Shit. To this day (some 55 years later), everyone knows what Chicken Shit is. In fact, my ex just called our daughter last week to tell her he made a batch and it made him think of her. UGH. Your zucchini concoction sounds much better.

  5. Judith Ann Gebhardt

    I like zucchini thinly sliced with sour cream. And, Sunset Italian has a GREAT recipe for pasta sauce – and, it freezes wonderfully.

  6. These chocolate zucchini muffins are great. I reduce the granulated sugar to 1/4 cup. They freeze well, too:
    Last year, I shredded zucchini and froze it to use in this recipe.
    I’ve also sliced zucchini, potatoes, carrots, cherry tomatoes and an onion, toss with olive oil, season with Montreal Steak Seasoning and season salt, and grill in a grill pan.

  7. Hi, if I lived closer, I would gladly take some zucchini off your hands. When and if you have time, I was trying to find your recipes that you have shared with us. I tried looking under Jo recommends, but it is for amazon. Am trying to find an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. Hope you had fun at the retreat.

    1. Marge, when I am looking for a specific recipe of Jo’s, I Google joscountryjunction and the name, like oatmeal raisin cookie. It usually works.

    2. Here’s a squash recipe that I love, you can use zucchini or yellow squash.
      2 lbs squash
      1 onion
      4 oz cream cheese
      Canned diced green chilies
      Cheddar cheese (optional)
      Chuck up the squash and onions and stew in boiling water until soft. Drain and then mash with a potato masher. Now pour into a colander to remove as much moister as possible. Return to pan and add cream cheese and green chilies to taste. Stir over low heat until cream cheese is melted and well incorporated into the squash/onion mixture. Add the shredded cheddar if desired. Enjoy!

  8. Lorraine, the chocolate muffins sound great! I love summer squash and keep getting a few each week from friends at quilt group. I’d like to try blueberry zucchini lemon cake too. Jo, this was a tip I read regarding Chipotles in Adobo—blend the whole can and freeze it in cubes. Just pull out what you want for a bit of heat.

  9. I make calabacitas, Mexican zucchini. I cut the zucchini in bite size pieces and sauté in olive oil & butter with diced onion, diced tomatoes, & corn. Simmer till zucchini is tender then add cheese. Most any kind but mozzarella is a favorite. There are several recipes on google but this one is quite like my mother in law taught me.

  10. It really is amazing with what you can do with not only zucchini but any kind of leftover. You have such a talent for throwing stuff together and having it come out delicious!
    Love and prayers

  11. The “Job” post you are referring to is an old post. Do as Nancy says in the comments and that will bring the old post.

  12. Hi Jo –

    Zucchini can be shredded and frozen. Easy to make bread or muffins. We also make Zucchini Bread Jam. Tastes just like zucchini bread, and heavenly served warmed over cream cheese, and served with ginger snaps!

  13. There is something about zucchini and red chili peppers (adobo sauce)(chipotle peppers). I made a batch of red chili enchiladas (red chili from Hatch NM). There was a zucchini, yellow squash, green giant can of corn, and cheddar cheese sort o side dish my mother always made. Sat down to dinner. Oh my gosh. Never this combination again. The flavor had such an impact of the hottest thing I had ever eaten. It is a good thing you include sour cream and mozarella cheese in your dish. That would help tame down the heat index considerably.

  14. I have a number of recipes for zucchini, and one of my favorites is a chocolate cake from scratch with cinnamon and cloves added in and chocolate chips sprinkled on top. The other starts with a yellow cake mix and has a homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Both use two cups of shredded zucchini – I won’t even look at a recipe that calls for less. In the case of that vegetable, more is better.

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