Merry Christmas from the Kramers!!

Merry Christmas to all those who are this day are celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Each year I send out a Christmas letter.  This year, I’ve been a little behind.  I ordered the family picture that I wanted to include in the card back on December 11th thinking it would take a week for them to get here…but alas, at the writing of this on the photos haven’t arrived it is now too late for them to make Christmas delivery.  Ah…it’s the first year I’ve been late.  Oh well.  At least I’ll get the photo and Christmas letter out to all of you who read the blog on time.

Here’s the family photo.  It’s from Kalissa and Craig’s wedding.


On the left…Kayla with her husband Spencer, Kelli with her husband Jason.  In the back left is Buck with his wife Jen.  Kalissa and Craig are the bride and groom.  Karl is back right and Hubby and I are front right.  That’s our crew.  I love them all!

I am attaching a copy of the Christmas Letter….Feel free to give it a read.  I am guessing you know all this info already if you’re a regular blog reader.  Here’s the link.  You’ll have to click on the words that say ChristmasLetter2016.

I’m enjoying a couple days off over the next week or so….working a few days but taking a few off too.  I’m ready for a sewing break…it’s my gift to me.

I hope you too get some down time in between all the busy things to over this busy time of year.  May you all be blessed this coming year…

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