Merry Christmas

We are pretty low key this Christmas.  The sickness bugs caught some of us.  We were suppose to all be at Buck and Lora’s house yesterday but Kayla ended up with diagnosed influenza.  I ended up with a cold and Carver did too.  Kayla had to stay away via doctor’s orders and Carver and I stayed home together as we didn’t want to pass along our colds.  The rest of the family went to Buck’s.  I was sad to stay home but knew it was for the best.  Kalissa promised to send me pictures…and she did a great job.

It seems little Lucy was the star attraction!!  Here’s Kalissa and Lucy….


Then Hubby and Lucy!!


Kelli with Lucy…..

ere’s a family picture with Buck, Lora and Lucy.


Unknowingly the kids all got Hubby a joke present.  Buck got him ziplock bags….so did Kelli.  They didn’t know the other was getting them.  The big joke is that Hubby reuses the ziplock bags that lunch meat comes in from the grocery store.  I wash them and we recycle them.  The kids think we’re cheap and touch crazy for doing this….Hubby’s fingers are arthritic and beat up from farming so ziplocks are his preferred kind.  He thought they were all silly.  To make this whole thing even funnier is that Kalissa also bought him some for him to open today!!  Bahahaha…


If I were a betting girl, I would bet he doesn’t use these up in a year!!  He’s a little conservative when it comes to bag usage.

Kalissa also sent me a picture of Buck opening Lucy’s presents.  I got her some other things but I got her a St. Louis Blues baby sleeper.  Buck LOVES the Blues and I thought Lucy needed to be a Blues Hockey fan like Daddy so I got her that and a BIG yellow bow for her to wear with it.  It was silly but fun.

While they were gone, it was my and Carver here at my house.  I was on the computer and he was playing in the living room.  I can’t see into the room from the computer but I was keeping track of him by listening.  I heard the things he was playing with and could guess what he was doing.  Then all at once I heard a “come and help me now scream”.   I ran yelling “it’s okay Carver, Grandma is coming”.  I got into the living room and couldn’t see him.  He had quit crying.  I couldn’t hear a single sound from him.  I looked and couldn’t find him.  I looked behind the chairs…everywhere.  There were toys on the floor but I finally looked down to see two feet sticking out from under our TV stand.


He was stuck.  I was able to easily pull him out and after I saw that he was okay, I was laughing….what a little stinker!!

They all made it home and Carver and I survived…and best of all, they brought left overs!!

Tomorrow Kalissa, Craig and Carver will be back.  Any of the kids who want to come home are welcome.  Typically it was just Kalissa and her family along with Karl.  Karl has other plans this year so it looks like it will be a small gathering.  We don’t mind.  We actually have lots of fun.  We get out “The Farming Game” and play.  It’s like Monopoly only it’s farming related.  Kalissa is terribly competitive and all of us have the goal of beating her.

For food, it’s simple….I make a favorite like tacos with home made taco shells.  Something we all love that’s a little extra work as I have extra time…but nothing taxing.

Lucky me, I’m only working two days this week.  I’m taking some time off to do nothing….well not exactly.  Friday I get a crown on a tooth at the dentist…a mammogram with the radiology tech and my yearly physical with my doctor.  I planned as much as I could all in one day!!  I’m hoping to get some work done on my taxes and to get a little sewing done too.  I’ll have a mystery quilt that needs attention.

So far, it’s been a great Christmas break minus the cold and nagging cough I have.  It could be a whole lot worse, so I’m being thankful for just a cold.

I am attaching a copy of our Christmas Letter.  Follow this link to get to it.

I know it’s not merry and bright for everyone.  For those of you putting on a smile and dealing with the relatives, this too will pass.  For those missing friends and relatives, happier days are ahead!!  Someone once said “fake it until you make it”.  I believe that’s true.  Happily for me, this year was a really good Christmas.  I wasn’t always able to say that.  Hang it there!!  Peace to you all…and Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas Jo and to your family as well, may 2018 be filled with Health and Happiness for you all. Lucy is so stinking cute and loved! enjoy your family gathering and the few days off.

  2. Jo, you hit the nail on the head in your last paragraph here. This is our families 1st Christmas since loosing our 1st born Grandchild on July 25th to Leukaemia. Our hearts were broken both by the loss of her as well as having to watch our daughter suffer through her loss of her 1st born baby girl, as well as having to watch our youngest Granddaughter breakdown from the loss of her big sister. I pray that next year will be a better Christmas for everyone. But at this point I wonder if anyone of us will ever be able to celebrate any holiday without a deep feeling of loss.

  3. Merry Christmas Jo! I’m just catching up on emails today.
    I got a good laugh at the ziplock bags–my husband likes to recycle and reuse them too! And my kids make fun of him as well!
    All the best for a healthy, peaceful 2018!

  4. I re-use ziploc bags, too! And I save the waxed paper bags from cereal boxes to use inside the ziplocs when freezing chops or hamburger patties. (You can tell that I’m a Depression baby.)

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