Merrily I bind along…bind along…bind along.

I am busy binding.  I machine bind my quilts so it’s not as taxing or time consuming.  I am especially enjoying it this time.


No only do I have a wonderful quilt to look at…I have a heat duct right under that quilt and all the warm air is keeping my toes toasty.
Update:  Someone asked how to machine bind.  Here’s a link to how I do it. I have since learned to pin so that the pin heads stick out and I can pull them out as I go.  I LOVE this method.

2 thoughts on “Merrily I bind along…bind along…bind along.”

  1. If I had a heater under my sewing(dining) table, it would be so full of cats getting to the warmth, I would not have any room for my feet! LOL I just took a quilting class and she told me to finish up my binding I had to hand stitch it. I ran out of time in my class and will be binding my first quilt (wall-hanging) tomorrow. How do I do it by machine? I’m all about easy.

  2. I watched JudyL’s machine binding tutorial when she first posted it and within a couple months I had used her method on 6 quilts and I love it! Will never bind any other way ;)

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